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  1. Obsidian is responsible for my favorite RPG of all time, FNV, so I feel that anything you do is going to work, and I'll just straight-up give you money for anything. However, I do have a suggestion to make: The common science fiction tropes and settings in games and movies are the same cold war paranoia that influenced science fiction in the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Science fiction itself has evolved into a state that represents modern hopes and fears, with post-singularity, post-scarcity, and post-global warming issues that my generation and future generations take for granted. A new IP that represents the best of science fiction in the modern age (Your Charles Stross, your Ken MacLeod, even your Warren Ellis'), with something approaching the political and dialogue system of PST and FNV, would help push both science fiction into the spotlight, and hopefully change a few minds along the way. What could be more important?
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