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Patch Incoming!

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Reveal this card and it will create enough bugs to delay the next adventure deck for 2 months :)


You got that right!



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I will probably do a quick blog post tomorrow or maybe just a post to the forums to go over a few things...


Like the status of Quest Mode, Thessalonian Sins bug (narrowing it down to Pride Location-Forced Move-Recharge-a-card-breakgame), fixing missing Roles, Deck 6, and most importantly, the Banana "Bundle".


I've been wanting to do it for a while but Mikey keeps talking me out of it.



Aarik is out today, so I will do an official blog when we are all back next week.  


However, I will do an abridged version for now.


Quest Mode - We were trying to develop this mode at the same time as our decks.  We couldn't keep up (imagine the space of time between decks 3 and 4).  We will be coming back to it after Deck 6 and PC but it might be having some changes.  I will detail that in the blog.


Thessalonian Sins (5.4) - We haven't fixed it yet.  We are almost certain it is because of the Pride location and closing it with a cornered boss.  There is something screwy going on with the Must Move and forced Recharge.  I blame Ordikon.


Missing Roles - We have this fixed and it will be in the next release.  I will detail this a bit more in the blog.


Deck 6 - It is going well, it will be out before...  I shouldn't put a date on this.  I always get in trouble.  To heck with it, before Christmas.  I am not going to say how much before but you guys might be seeing a pattern of us not releasing right before a holiday or (because we hate working weekends) on a Friday. 1.1.4,, lerned us up gud.


Banana Bundle - We'll do something.  Prior to 1.1.4 I honestly had a picture of Deck 4 (with a banana) and a hidden message in the screenshot with a release date.  Heard about the Sombra backlash and Mikey thought better of it. 


And Now...


Multiplayer - We are going to remove that button until we have something besides "Coming Soon".  Much like Quest Mode we don't have the bandwidth to do new content and another mode at the same time and keep a decent schedule.  So we are focusing on Deck 6 first (which actually IS coming soon).



Thanks for the update.  My guess is that it's hard to provide such updates (especially with delivery dates) because people keep reading them as promises, instead of targets/intentions.  Too bad about quest mode though, I've found that more interesting to replay than the original adventures.



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@Flounder: dude, those are some painful decisions! Ouch! But though I'm bitterly disappointed that I won't be playing Quest Mode at level 40+ until at least 2017, I respect the decision and I appreciate the fact that a grown up decision has been made. I've frequently said "focus on getting it right" so I can hardly carp when that's exactly what you do :biggrin:

My only issue is how I'm going to farm enough gold to pay for AP6 - farming is no fun if it only generates gold. I guess I'll have to start 11 new characters to progress the other roles that I didn't take.
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Here it is Cyber Monday, and there were no specials.  I was a little surprised.

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