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  1. I think the concern is not about damage that happens before you do anything. It's because you roll damage for each character, then it becomes the first character's turn to act. If you don't pay attention, you may think you're just rolling damage again, and not play the appropriate boons to improve the die roll
  2. To avoid having to acquire items out of the unclaimed tab, go to the modify decks workflow before starting an adventure and then sell all of the unclaimed cards to the merchant. This should be a one time action, unless you somehow gain more unclaimed cards through purchasing a treasure Chet's
  3. And you're going to get more anger on that My first reaction on hearing this even before knowing what will be adjusted was negative because I have already paid for stuff. Then I remembered that I got a whole year's worth of use out of it. People who made purchases (real money or gold) more recently may not be so happy though.
  4. I think the PC version doesn't have IAP. If you really want to purchase them, you can download the mobile version, link your account, then buy gold in the mobile app. You should be able to successfully complete the PC version without buying gold though, especially since the Steam version comes with a copy of each treasure card, which can be more powerful than the regular cards.
  5. I agree that it's frustrating if you can't play the mobile version right now, and that seeing a quick response on steam doubles that frustration. But I don't think that this means that this means mobile is not an equal priority. The desktop/steam launch just happened, so I'd imagine a large support focus on that area, then over time support for both platforms will equal out. You can also see that there is some response in the technical support forum, but mostly dealing with back-end PlayFab account related issues My guess is that there will be a mobile app update this week that fixes some critical issues, and then an immediate emergency update to fix a critical issue introduced by that update.
  6. I think the solution is simple: sell your unclaimed cards, preferably before you enter a scenario. This will bring back your "pure" experience. You will still encounter the treasure cards, you just can't conveniently pick them out to equip them. And that is a pure experience because normally you only get to keep cards you encounter in a scenario.
  7. Well a lot of reports of people not getting the DLC benefits. Guess we now know where those went!
  8. Ah interesting I may have misremembered the time, I thought I activated it right after the patch.
  9. So the Favor of Nethys optional explore issue is fixed. But now the Favor also has the same bug where it forces you to encounter the Bandit Henchman twice.
  10. The rune of wealth timer seems to be off too. I accidentally activated 2 (24 hours) and 2 days later it is still ticking down
  11. So my question is will the Pathfinder Ambassadors program benefits be available in time to stack on to the Steam sale and this free DLC?
  12. List of missing cards (as far as I can tell): 2+ Prayers of Gorum ? Unity of Milani 1 Lord Mayor Grobaras Also, all of the Deck 5 and below cards that you get for completing on legendary are missing (Orik's shield up to Blessing of Thasselonian sins). Fortunately the Blue Dragon is still there because that took forever.
  13. Hi, Unfortunately it didn't seem to work- maybe it's because I was in the middle of a game when you did it? I also tried turning off the app and turning it on again but this made more problem- I lost at least 2 prayers of Gorum and a few other legendaries in my collection disappeared also. Not sure which others, I am only sure about the Prayer of Gorum because suddenly Amiri needed to rebuild her deck. Edit: maybe not related to your attempt though since I discovered the PFID in my signature is wrong.
  14. I think the post mentions that the specifics of how to apply this program will be forthcoming. This is just to give us an idea of what is coming ahead, but no specific steps can be taken yet.
  15. I purchased an amulet of colossal fists and noticed it did not show up in my unclaimed cards list (but the cards from treasure chests are). Is this intentional?
  16. The rune of wealth 2 displays a duration of 24 hours, but the above description suggests it should only be 12 hours
  17. Well what would be really nice is if they provided steam keys for their Pathfinder Ambassadors. But that may be too much of a pipe dream
  18. I find a good way to keep perspective is to remember that I spent $25 on a game, and I played it for a year. Nothing will change that, even if the developers go off and build a sequel and bundle the game I bought with the sequel.
  19. I'll go into more details in the upcoming blog but yes, everything you bought on the mobile will be available on PC once you merge/sync your PlayFab accounts. So, stop posting and get blogging
  20. After watching the ad, I realized there's a problem with the implementation of Pathfinder card game. I wasn't able to play the Wounding Spear Axe to defeat Black Magga, instead it wandered around eating cards. Please fix.
  21. Thanks for explaining the design reasons, I think this was a great design choice. It added something I didn't know I needed but had already found a cumbersome work-around for, just as described. And it doesn't sound like it will impact people who don't want to use it.
  22. In retrospect, I should've waited before posting my photo since it seems to have scared everyone off. That was actually my first attempt: I thought future ones would be better, and I never even got close again.
  23. Well you seem to know the answers to your questions. Why did you ask anything if you already know the answer?
  24. Great! Then it sounds like you already have your answer. Did you not notice who created that thread? I did! A developer posted a reply on that thread, so the forum isn't abandoned. Since you asked again, I assume you may have missed the reply. Well, as the post immediately after the one to which you refer is also from me, I think that it's safe to assume that I have indeed seen it.
  25. Did you not notice who created that thread? I did! A developer posted a reply on that thread, so the forum isn't abandoned. Since you asked again, I assume you may have missed the reply.
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