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  1. Irgy you should check out this post by MrBishop https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92894-no-more-salvage/?p=1919316 He drops some info about the current system.
  2. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92897-please-bring-back-salvaging/
  3. Poll Actually, I'll change my vote to a no. After more information given by MrBishop, I'm inclined to agree that the new system is better. https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/92894-no-more-salvage/?p=1919316
  4. That is a bug. If you can message Obsidian with your PFID, they'll gladly help.
  5. Nope. Although I hear the camera adds 35 lbs while in development. this guy is a real zero
  6. Apparently it's here: https://owlcatgames.com/ looks really unimpressive though... and knowing my.com.. I wouldn't be surprised if this just becomes another Pathfinder Online mess.
  7. Yeah I think that's the problem, quest mode bugs might be stupidly difficult to reproduce given it's "random" nature that the team almost treats it as a separate game. With a team of less than 10 people, it's pretty difficult to maintain sadly
  8. I don't think they see the money in making a Pathfinder CRPG, plus they risk over saturating the market with the same copy and paste games with Pillars, Pillars 2, Tyranny, Torment (not obsidian)
  9. cards are only generated once when the scenario is first created. I think if you switch it on/off before starting a scenario, treasure card will / will not appear in the scenario that you play in. A bit more work, but that works right now.
  10. What kind of device you have? storage space of your HDD wouldn't make it crash, your RAM will. This game could use some optimization tbh.. What's your PFID? Usually the devs are quick to help once you provide that
  11. There are memory issues if you have too many characters.. if you have more than 20 characters across both story and quest mode.. it crashes if you have like less than 1GB of ram or something
  12. Currently this is a bug that will be fixed int the next patch I believe.. if you're trying to contact support, your displayname would suffice for now
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