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Build Thread 2.0

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Surprisingly, I've had much worse luck with WDs than Seagates. Every WD I've ever had has died on me within like two years. Every Seagate I've had has somehow survived 5 or more...I have old 80GBs that are literally 20 years old that still work just fine that I can't throw away simply because they still work. :p


Since, as you said, Hitachi are supposed to have the best failure rates, I've just waiting until I see a decent price on one until I buy one. This Seagate is still at only 1 reallocated...but it's only been a few weeks since I noticed it. I'm not putting anything new without mirroring it to my backup drive regardless, though.

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I had 2 Seagate Barracudas that lasted over 8 years of quite heavy use but then Seagate and Samsung drives only lasting a year, so I switched to WD and I haven't had any problems with 5 drives. I've owned 2 Hitachi drives and they didn't die, they became obsolete, they weren't the best in terms of performance though.

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