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Berath's Blessing ignores +2 skill for Sleight of Hand



When I choose the "+2 skill" in "Berath's Blessings" playing as a rogue, it gives +2 to all skills except "sleight of hand".


I tested a couple of times and it happens in single or multiclass. With rogue or its subclasses.

















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I found where the extra blessing went, at least on my single class rogue, it went to insight. She is showing only the 2 points from the base rogue class in SoH and 2 points  in insight purely from Berath's blessing. I have screen shots but don't have a good place to post them for a link.


It looks like somebody set a flag or variable incorrectly for the rogue class' beraths skill bonuses.



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Rogues had insight instead of sleight of hand as a class skill during the beta; it was only changed for release. This just looks like the blessings have a separate list that wasn't updated since it is applying to the old class skills instead.

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This bug is still occurring on Patch 1.1 beta. Getting no Berath's Blessing on Sleight of Hand, but getting +2 Insight when Rogue/Fighters do not have base Insight. Tested on Edér.


attachicon.gifrogue berathblessing sleight of hand bug part 1.jpg

Already a thread in the Beta Branch subforum

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