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  1. You can pick pocket the ring from Shrimp before talking to him and finishing the quest. Its a pretty sweet item for a ranged character - +1 pen and +4 to hit with ranged weaons.
  2. I am playing a helwalker/ascendent right now using a ranged build. You stay in the back, using dance of death to build up wounds and frostseeker to build up focus til I hit the max, then I switch to cipher powers. You can easily substitute dual pistols or an arquebus but I wanted to do an archer for a change. The best build I have seen for a ranged helwalker is Lost Sinner's Gunfu monk build over on the steam community guide page (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1409067909). His build is for a bleakwalker/helwalker but you can swap out the paladin side for almost any other class that does ranged well.
  3. Here is a list of most (possibly all) of the unique weapons in deadfire and generally where to find them. https://pillarsofeternity.gamepedia.com/List_of_unique_weapons_(Deadfire)
  4. While the druid does have more corrode spells than a wizard, you still only get so many spells as you level up and when playing a mutliclass those spell choices have to be balanced against good caster passives (combat focus, fast casting, increased range, etc) and good paladin actives and passives - so in the end you probably would end up taking about the same number of spells no matter which one you pick. I would suggest mapping out each choice and see which feels better to you. Druids tend to have better AoE options and some decent healing, if you don't see that as being to 'light' for a dark knight. Wizards will get better self defense spells - your knight will be a lot more tanky.
  5. I found where the extra blessing went, at least on my single class rogue, it went to insight. She is showing only the 2 points from the base rogue class in SoH and 2 points in insight purely from Berath's blessing. I have screen shots but don't have a good place to post them for a link. It looks like somebody set a flag or variable incorrectly for the rogue class' beraths skill bonuses.
  6. She one shots 1-2 mobs before melee gets in range. I have her using the Dragon's Dowry. So you would definitely recommend Scout then? What talents are you investing in? I have run my own main scout as well as Maia as a scout. I recommend picking up the following talents: Ranger: Marksman (+acc) Gunner (stacks with her armor bonus) Mark Target + Marked for the hunt(upgrade refunds points spent on kill) Protective Companion + Stalkers link (+acc) Driving flight Rogue: Escape (basically a short range teleport) + Upgrade that allows you to paralyze on next attack Dirty Fighting (+ crits) Any attacks that give +acc and extra damage - Blind/Withering Strike + upgrades are nice, but get passives first If you have spare talents it never hurts to buff her pet - her bird does the best damage of all the pets in the game, so either buffing its damage and/or its armor would add DPS to the fight.
  7. I finally got it to work as well, although it wasn't a graphics issue with me - in addition to this problem my general load speed for new areas was glacially slow, a problem I have seen on other games that where hard drive I/O intensive (SWTOR hit the HD hard when loading a new planet for example). So after having steam verify all the files I cleaned up enough space on my SSD drive and moved the game files there. This not only cleared up the game freeze on entering the engwithan dungeon it also cleared up all my general load problems. As a note I am running with all the graphics bell's and whistles turned on now as well. I don't know if this will work for anyone else - its not like the HD I was using originally was a slow drive - its a seagate STM3000 7200 rpm 6Gbps sata drive. Not sure if its the file verification or move that cleared the original problem.
  8. I am also seeing this issue, same hang even with all graphics options turned off. I am running in full screen mode if that matters. About the only thing I can add is that you should be able to sign out of the desktop (log off your current user) to clear things up - still annoying, but not as disruptive as doing a soft or hard reboot. I am using the steam version. I have a save file that I can put up on the net somewhere if those investigating the bug need more info.
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