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CAn anyone tell me where the Pathfinder's Boots are? Not on the cobbler!



That screenshot looks like it was taken in the lighthouse in hasongo (I think that's how you spell it)




Right yeah I should have clarified -- I generated that item with the console to take the screenshot (while standing in the Hasongo lighthouse)

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Oh, so there was a thread like this. Alright.


Anyone knows where Violet Redemption can be found? It seems like an ideal choice of Cloak for a melee DPS, but all that I know is that it might possibly be obtainable only over the dead body of one of the VTC leaders (Castol? Alvari?). Kind of hope that isn't the case, though.


It dropped for me from Canta Nicese Nirro in literally last fight of the game.

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In case somebody missed it: Red Hand can now be bought/stolen in Delver's Row. (location is mentioned in the patch notes, and I got it there.)

Apparently it can always be stolen from the store room, without loot randomization, at least that's what the patch notes imply.

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Apparently it can always be stolen from the store room, without loot randomization, at least that's what the patch notes imply.

Yes, compared to PoE I, loot randomization in crates and whatnot is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less prevalent.  By several orders of magnitude.


There's still some randomization, but it isn't tied to the date of the month anymore.  And when it comes to uniques, that's never randomized (though sometimes uniques aren't generated after a ship battle thanks to a bug).

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A massive improvement over the first game. The really good items should never be randomized.

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Anybody know whre to get Akola's Apex Ward or only exist in databese?

Second this.





Do the other factions have their own "Enforcers"? 


Could be some rare/unknown items on them. I don't think I've dipped below relationship 1. 

Yes, all four factions have a "Vengeance" type ship, though I think the RDC one might be tied to one not doing what they want in regards to Cignath Mor (have to look into that further).


Three of them will give a Unique item when you defeat them.


VTC: Wicked Beast

Huana: Akola's Apex Ward

Principi: Gipon Prudensco


Haven't seen a unique pop up when you fight the RDC vengeance ship



As for getting the Apex Ward WITHOUT pissing off the Huana, allow me to plug a mod I made a while back. :)

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