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  1. all awesome portraits!. anyone helping on the watercolor yet? Can somebody make her watercolor? Please, pleae, please?
  2. Not just PoE either, Tyranny as well, which was a similar styled game, albeit with a different take. So 6 years, 3 games, all "party based fantasy RPG.". I would gather JS wants to work on something very different from that. Perhaps he is aching to work on something like First Person Fallout, Action-RPG, something singular character focused? Who knows but him. I would want a break too. Marcel Proust wrote his tasteless (sorry, I hate it wholeheartedly) In Search of Lost Time from 1913 till 1927. So it's not unusual for a writer to spend years on particular project.
  3. I totally agree with the writer here. And not because it's his story and he has a right to narrate it the way he wants. Monomyth was a gorgeous and innovative way to deconstruct any story when it was first released to public. This way we found out how most stories humanity told are actually the same hero's journey. It's the oldest and most understandable myth of all time but we don't have to limit ourselves to the same old narrative. Game industry is relatively new form of art raised from pure entertainment and still clinging to it with all those "battle royales". Also it's very expensive and take many man-hours to complete the project unlike writing a book and similarly to the modern cinema so most developers won't take risks to write something progressive or unusual in fear of financial meltdown and censorship. Modern writer in game industry has to navigate between "write something simple so everybody would like it" and "write something flavorless so censorship won't ruin my life", this is very difficult and Obsidian with their backers' support has unique position to write something different like the did this this time. Personally, I like the way ending was written. Usually writer presents us with powerful antagonist we can't defeat without special something and this usually immortal godlike villain can easily destroy castles/cities/planets/worlds. We ran away, admire villain's power and somehow can defeat him/her in the end. This is very unsatisfying for the reader/player/watcher and Josh found a way to avoid this embarrassing situation with defeating actual god by remembering who god actually is. Eothas isn't Voldemort neither he's Cory from DA:I, and by all means he's the main hero of the story while Watcher is... a Watcher, spectator and apostle. Regarding him turning into new god (considering gods are monstrosities here) I don't think US censorship will swallow it. Only Japanese From Software pulled this trick in secret ending of Bloodborn.
  4. Vatnir looks amazing as well as other concepts. But I'm slightly disappointed he's sidekick and not companion. About shipments... as an export manager I can say there are many thing could lead to delay so, please, be patient and don't push Obsidian.
  5. He has a bit of an issue with you assassinating the leader of his homeland for some reason. Can't imagine why. --- I'm actually surprised to see report of his sticking around if you have +2 relation with him. Might look into that as well and see just what the trigger for that is. He was very polite though and it's not like my char was hiding he's patriot and serves his homeland proudly. Without asking questions. And it was logical but now I'm confused if I could change his mind but never figured out how to do it.
  6. Bit I tried my best to keep him when sided with Rautai and he still walked away. (((
  7. Is there a way to keep Teheku until the very end even if I choose to not help Huana? I want to side with VTC and romance him this time but worried if Teheku will leave me again for choosing another faction. It's obvious he wouldn't support his queen's assassination but what about VTC?
  8. Not entirely. She wanted to be a normal child with normal childhood but fake goddess made her a sterile monster and, as we understand now, hoarded her like squirrel would do with an especially delicious nut.
  9. Thank you all for your suggestions! Any recs about race? I want to be godlike or orlan...
  10. I want to start my next playthough as ultimate rogue character with maxed mechanics and upgraded stealth. I want to use dual-wield, bluff everyone and steal everything which isn't nailed to the floor. This will be fun but I beat my first PT on "Veteran" and need more challenge but according to my experience rogue characters are rather fragile and die quickly if dual-wielding. Can you, please, make some suggestion for me how to build (multiclass?) and dress my character to make this PT livable? Regarding party: Eder, Xoti and Teheku are must party members for this PT. Maia is no-no.
  11. I play dnd with my colleagues and despite getting used to the system, limited spell uses between rests are unrealistic as hell. I mean if as a bard with the lute (to charm everyone) or necromancer with diamond (to raise the dead) I can meet all requirements to perform the spell, why such spell has limit usage? That's why mana system is less ridiculous.
  12. I disagree with you simply because there's no good or evil in this game, it has much more realistic approach comparing to classical RPG and fantasy titles. I can compare it to Morrowind which is brilliant writing. POE2 is all about politics and personal investment in current world state, it has less blunt evil deeds and more subtle ways to be evil by... ignorance, for example. And it's only large notable quest lines, there are many side stories to participate in and do something evil.
  13. 1. At first I thought I'll choose Principi because Doemenels were my choice in POE1 and in every game I prefer to stick with ambiguous and gray fractions. But pirates in PIE turned out to be disgusting thugs much like in real life which isn't very interesting. 2. Huana is the worst, I can't understand how someone could choose those weak and barbaric people with no future, if Roman empire never expanded Europe would have no modern culture and science. Sadly, western propaganda works even now with "white man's burden" and people will choose to preserve barbaric traditions just because "it's their home" instead of eliminating caste system and famine. And it's not like those retrogrades could keep their position for a long time, Ruautai will conquer them anyway. 3. Speaking of Ruautai, politically and logically RDC is the best option for the Deadfire because they'll continue expansion no matter what you choose. They have most advanced military complex in the world and it's only naive to think one burned warehouse will stop them for a long time. They're ruthless, patient and in dire need of new colonies for their people so it's not the end. Also they're basically one nation with Huana so it's not like they'll slaughter natives. 4. Vailians are the best for main plot, they're the only one who interesting in animancy so it's only logical if Watcher will choose to support them. They'll help to resolve his (her?) personal issues and globally VTC are so much better than other choices. 5. Going by yourself is... how is that even an option? I mean it's great we can opt to go alone but it's so unrealistic and sad our main hero tried to solve global problem without any support and even if he succeed it will be descent in the chaos for the islands.
  14. My canon Watcher is Mindstalker (Trickster/Ascendant). I never played her after 1.2 but don't think it changed much. This class is obviously great for RP if you want to roguish and cunning character: she was sneaky, great at manipulations and talented with mechanics. But gameplay is really hard if you want to play dual-wielding style game pushes you to try. Even on normal difficulty with 9 CON she was first one to die, despite my efforts. So it's ranged weapon or micromanagement with great chance she'll die anyway.
  15. I didn't beat my first playthrough and started another but I think Eotas said we can visit him when no more about current situation. So it would be better if you finish Poko Kohara quest before meeting with Eotas again. Otherwise from storytelling point of view it will be like: 'Have you learned the truth, Watcher?" and your characters just standing there embarrassed.
  16. I generally agree, although I think maybe animancy deserves a little more credit than you're giving it - a lot of animancers have clearly done unethical things, but in general the field seems to be giving kith better health and more control over their own lives. Early psychiatry could be pretty icky and stupid, too, but as time has gone on, we've found legitimate uses for even it's very ickiest and stupidest ideas (the lobotomy is still used to treat certain forms of extremely severe epilepsy, for instance; properly done, electro-convulsive therapy has extremely limited side effects and is probably the single most reliable treatment for major depression). To animancy's credit, we see ample evidence that it can do things like help comatose people communicate, explain and perhaps even address the causes of trauma, and with surgical assistance, even make changes to the godlike. See PoE1: Osrya, terrible person that she was, had correctly discerned that the Legacy was a localized, temporary effect preventing the stabilization of souls. Caedman Azo was by all accounts close to finding a limited treatment for the Hollowborn before Thaos sabotaged his work. They can even make improvements to existing spiritual practices - it's noted that modern ciphers emerged as a result of Glanfathan brialgwin working closely with animancers to work out a scientific basis for their powers. I think this is a relevant part of Woedica's whole problem with it: not only can animancy pose a direct threat to the gods in the distant future, it can step on their domain even in the present day. The ability to change one's internal life meaningfully via scientific intervention makes the gods a lot less important. Well, from this point of view I can agree animancy is important but still it wouldn't first priority for developing society if not current situation. Generally, healthcare goes after major progress in other fields. But still in POE animancy striked to me as unethical because it's most popular and utilized use first invented by Engwithans which is trapping souls. That's why it has to be closely monitored. Also, yes, cutting godlikes from their gods is the first step to cut gods from the reality, too. And it's especially interesting considering Rekke knows no gods of Engwithans, his people worship some other God. What if gods are even less powerful then we think now? What if those gods are tied to the adra pillars and can't manipulate world outside the net constructed by their creators?
  17. I think it's the different science fields kind of thing. For example, Engwithans were so advanced that they were able to create their own gods. They had animats and adra machines but other nations mastered in astronomy, math, military and naval industry, literature and art. If not current situation with gods and the Wheel I would see **** animancy, it's useless, unethical and dangerous field, let's concentrate on industrial revolution and machinery. But none of us can ignore the gods, their status and how dangerous they are. So it's not about supporting Woedica or any other gods, it's about if you support Eotas with his desire to end current world state or not. Taos knew the truth but he opted to help Woedica for selfish (or may be not) reasons and preserved status quo. Don't get me wrong I despise all gods and Woedica is outrageous but she's at least honest about her preservation tactics. So preventing kith from advancing in this field is only logical. If everyone, every nation will know that gods are false and man-made they'll try to destroy old gods and build their own. Rauatai will put everything into animancy research and build their own god if only they knew it's worth it.
  18. Huana's caste system fits perfectly to Woedica domain. Also Onekaza is the queen who wishes to unite Huana under her tribe's rule. So no wonder she worships Woedica.
  19. I beg to disagree. Rauatai stands for progress, unification, authority and technology so theoretically speaking they're dangerously close to communism than to old ways Woedica represents.
  20. I'd say she is well-written, in that, like real life zealots, you aren't going to change her mind. The ultimate RPG cliche is changing someone's lifelong beliefs thanks to the application of approval scores and possible sexual organs. The evil person turned good is always annoying, be it Viconia, Jack, or Zevran. Eder changing his faith was easy, since he was barely hanging on to it. Durance didn't really have any, but kept preaching like he did. Xoti being a perfectly dedicated fundie makes sense. I think she is both a deconstruction and a cliche. The writer of Drakengard and Nier hates this type of godly waifu, and made the ultimate deconstruction in the original Drakengard with Furiae. But, then again, in that game, your paladin was a child molester, your elf was a baby-eating serial killer, and the world is destroyed by angel babies, so it doesn't stand out that much. If you allow me, I think she's well-written as a character but the general writing is lacking of different approaches player could take. I mean how is it possible that there's no harsh responses to her nonsense? Realistically speaking my character picked up nice priest lady who turned out constantly preaching zealot. If not change her mind, why can't we be harsh to her or kick her from the party? I mean some other companions would leave but Xoti is -2 and acting like she owns my ship.
  21. I'm disappointed Kana is the only musically gifted member of his family. Ranger/Chanter mix sounds awesome.
  22. Well, if I understood Serafen right, we have to obtain either flag or spyglass to make sneaky appearance. Am I wrong?
  23. Aedyr Empire would be an obvious choice but personally I think Obsidian continue to introduce us to exotic and unrelated to previous games background. Like who could've imagined that we'll move from classic dnd setting to tropical paradise? So Ixamitl Plains are my choice. But if I remember correctly come keys about upcoming setting were placed in POE1 here and there so may be we already introduced to the next place, just didn't realized it yet.
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