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  1. Basically it's my main canon world state with minor changes here and there. Kana become a voice of progress in my game, I ditched GM because there's no need for another cipher in my team and she has no party banter, helped Purnisc and stopped drug's distribution, dragon swapped bodies with the lady.
  2. I didn't beat my first playthrough yet (but started another) but it's a real disappointment to me that I can't put Xoti into her place. We can help Aloth with his multiple personalities disorder, shatter Eder's faith, show the truth to Durance and even Teheku had serious shock while visiting the Gullet. But Xoti acts like she knows everything and she has right to judge anyone with me nodding to her behavior. She's a great character this way but it's getting irritating that I can't really if not change her mind but stand on my own atheist ground and/or mock her for her delusions. Is that so
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