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  1. This would be minor issue IF they don't drop unique items or moderate nekataka reputation, but its there on random encounters
  2. Can anyone share global.achievements berath blessing local files? want to play new playtrough just lazy to gain remaining 3 blessing [97/100] - feel free to PM - (sorry if this not allowed)
  3. The key is seduzo, you need to ask her about oron, and exhaust the dialog option to take all bihas childs first, then go upstairs talk to oron.
  4. All i want is Auto Pause at the beginning ship combat 3.1.1 hired veteran sailor from karen eye doing nothing while combat :/
  5. Happens on every scene, If you choose dialog pretty quick the text transition looks jagged/bouncing 3.0.2 3.1 ps: same settings and rigs
  6. More maps error since 3.0 patch, its loading back to main menu no error logs generated. Possible playtrough issue, continue/load save game works fine - just annoying. * i test 3 times same pattern on new game, always map error exiting Mokeha/Ikawha house (Sātahuzi village), different pattern playtrough no problem.
  7. Crafting button below stash linked to weapon upgrade enchanting? intended? To craft i need to click craft icon next to AI character
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