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How can I put my pets in menagerie?

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Yeah it's a bug. But a workaround for now is to just click the blueprint and then the slot, rather than drag-and-dropping it.


You're talking about another bug. The one we're talking about is that we have menagerie already, but we can't put any pets inside.

The owls are not what they seem.

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Yep. Same issue here. I bought the animal farm one and the upgrade to my Captain's quarters and neither will apply. I thought it was an issue with needing a bigger ship. From what I read here, it's a bug?


That is disappointing, as I dropped like 5k on both those items combined. Could have used that for a nice weapon or armor piece...

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A single left click on the upgrade, and then a single left click on the upgrade slot worked for me. I sort of regret my purchase though, because holy god there are animals everywhere down there now.

Ahhh.....I was trying to drag and drop. Funny that I didn't think to do the single-click. Will try when I get home...

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Thanks for the tips in this thread to click to apply instead of drag and drop.  That was driving me nuts!


Also, I don't see too drastic of a change...I guess I was expecting something more ornate for the captain's quarters!  I only noticed a blanket added to the bed.

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