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  1. About midway through my first playthrough, I re-specced my character and hit the bug which caused me to lose all of my Watcher abilities. By the time I'd noticed they were gone, it was too late to go back. Long story short, I beat the game, put it aside for a month, and came back to play Beast of Winter, only to find that my Watcher's abilities are still gone? It's been like two months or more since this bug was discovered. Is there a fix coming ever?
  2. I'm about halfway through the game on Veteran. I was gibbing foes constantly with auto-attack every encounter before the patch; after patch, fights require micro-management, but I still haven't run into anything that I'd consider a real challenge. Definitely better, but it feels more like a bump from Story > Normal rather than from Normal > Veteran.
  3. Lost my Watcher abilities to this bug after getting the first two. Patch is applied, but Watcher abilities still gone.
  4. Also [PSA for those who don't know it] respeccing the Watcher can trigger a bug that erases his Watcher abilities and the skills/abilities you learn from NPC's, so yeah, I'd say respeccing needs to be looked at. I guess Watcher abilities are pretty useless anyway but I'd still like to have mine back.
  5. The entire middle brick is unessential & a waste of screen space. Everything on there is hot keyed. I assume that's why they added the function into PoE.
  6. They'd better figure this out because the game is quickly becoming boringly easy for me on Veteran & I'm only just out of Neketaka. To make matter worse, difficulty mod requires level scaling to be enabled
  7. PoE had a feature that allowed you to retract whichever pieces of the UI you didn't want on screen. I do not see this feature in Deadfire. Is it gone? If it's gone, please put it back in. If it's still possible but somehow I'm missing it, please clue me in! Thanks.
  8. Pillars of Eternity was unbearable with load screens. I had high hopes that Deadfire had eliminated this major annoyance, but it's still there, albeit to a lesser degree. I'm genuinely curious how a game like The Witcher III, which has a lot more going on graphically, can get by with zero load times, but Pillars of Eternity II, which features static, hand-drawn world maps, cannot.
  9. I had this issue until I realized that all my pets were in Xoti's personal inventory. Shift clicking them into the stash moved them all into the menagerie.
  10. Not as far as I can tell... https://imgur.com/owW5zjg Well isn't that odd now. I could have sworn I saw it there when I first started playing... Either way, you're right. It needs to be adjustable mid-game.
  11. There actually is a warning on the tooltip for level scaling when you're going through the options of starting a new game. It says this option cannot be enabled in-game or something like that. BUT I wholeheartedly agree that it should be an option to turn it on mid-game. I mean, what is the point of this restriction? All it does is force players who are finding the game too easy to finish the game on easy-mode before having to restart an entirely new game to get something of a challenge. Seems like a bad design choice to me. I'm currently playing on Veteren and wishing I'd started on PoTD with level scaling upwards, because the combat is really not challenging if you're actually a veteran of IW cRPGS.
  12. I'm amazed how this tiny little feature, this simple little toggle, transforms the game from an RP perspective. Not having to watch my entire party bounding ceaselessly everywhere we go adds much to the game's immersion. No longer being forced to run through city streets and tavern hallways makes me feel like my character is an actual part of this world, as opposed to a heat-seeking missile whose only purpose is blasting from one objective to the next. Little things like this tend to go overlooked, so I want to thank the devs for thinking of role-players in this little (big) way.
  13. The issue isn't that the Autosave is named, it's that there's no reason not to allow us to go back into the gameworld and finish up quests/loose ends after the final battle.
  14. I agree with the OP. I was disappointed the first time I went back to an area I'd cleared days ago, only to find it barren and lifeless. It's unrealistic, makes the world feel dead, and it makes revisiting the maps pointless after you've cleared them. A simple solution would be to keep the roads safe after the map is cleared, but allow respawns off the beaten path.
  15. This is a game in which more than 50% of the non-quest giving NPCs have massive blocks of crowd-sourced backstory that's available at the click of a button. Yeah, there are plenty of generic Tom **** & Harrys, esp. in Twin Elms, but of all the games to nitpick cookie-cutter NPCs, this ain't the one. *edit* Tom, Rick, & Harrys?
  16. Yeah it does, actually. Case in point: "They don't think it be like it is, but it do." How do you know this sentence contains improper grammar? Because of the word "be," which should be spelled is, and because of the word do, which should also be spelled is. That would be considered a conjugation error, which falls under grammar. It is the wrong word; it is not misspelt. "be" is certainly spelt in that manner. This is correct spelling. It is, instead, incorrect grammar. You can't discuss grammar without discussing spelling. They're inextricably entwined concepts. Grammar exists because of spelling, so a grammatical error is also inherently a spelling error. Which point I make because the post I responded to seemed to imply that the OP is somehow less valid because his complaint is a spelling error and not a grammar error (it's both).
  17. Yeah it does, actually. Case in point: "They don't think it be like it is, but it do." How do you know this sentence contains improper grammar? Because of the word "be," which should be spelled is, and because of the word do, which should also be spelled is.
  18. Its great, characters .... walk - plus all the other good stuff in the IE Mod. Just use double speed for long distances. I love this mod, but the walking looks a bit stilted already and putting it on double speed kind of defeats the purpose of the mod as it looks ridiculous and is way more immersion breaking than simply running everywhere. We need a toggle
  19. Chiming in for a request of a toggle/click option to turn walking on/off. Seriously, thank you for this.
  20. Went to Searing Falls today and had a go at Cail; he put up a hell of a fight the first time, but after I reloaded for a second round, he stopped dealing damage about half-way through the fight. Discharged his flame attacks a few times and then just stopped. Most of his entourage was dead at this point but I don't think they were doing any damage either (xaurip dmg barely registers anyway). Their healers were still going strong. Then I exited the cave after killing him and cleared the rest of the map, and none of the mobs did any damage. They engaged, but did not attack.
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