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It has been years since I stayed up to play a game at launch.

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Assuming its a world wide release at 10am pdt, then here in melbourne aus it will be 3am here sad panda... won't be able to play till the kids are in bed tomorrow night 7pm... oh well...

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Well the Aussies definitely have it the worst. I recall being really excited for Fallout 4 and that one unlocked at 3am in Germany, too. I had to work that day, too and by the time I had to go at 7am, I had not slept and had been sitting in front of a screen for ten hours straight. I got to work, stayed for an hour, got sick, and went home being sick for two days. I still played a lot though. :D


So I am rather content with 7pm, which gives me a couple of hours until I go to bed and the rest of the week is off anyway, so I have time.


I wish everybody else though a pleasant time with this game and sincerely hope that you do not overdo it. :D

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Well the Aussies definitely have it the worst.

I've previously gone to sleep at 11pm, woken up at 3-4am, started the download, gone to sleep again til 6-7am, woke up and had breakfast/got ready for work while I was playing the first part of the game. Went to work fine, came back home and played for like 6-8 hours straight. Then was a bit tired the next day at work ;)

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