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  1. Do we yet have the console commands for spawning items? We could just get the grimoire through there, if the quest is bugged.
  2. Couldn't one get the grimoire through console commands if we knew the right parameters? Well I just did it: If the Grimoire did not drop for you jsut open the console and spawn it via: GiveItem Grimoire_Lich_Brawler
  3. Fair points on both sides. I prefer a party size of six as well, but thought the four of Tyranny was appropriate. You have to keep in mind thought that BG 2 you had 16 (17 with ToB and 21 with EE) companions to choose from, each one with a quest, dialogue and interaction. Tyranny had six companions, but introduced the last three rather late, and if I recall correctly they were also bound to certain alignments. Deadfire has 7 companions, as well as four sidekicks, which puts them between those two, so it makes sense in a numerical way to have a party size of five. Also the management argument
  4. Old city is likely the biggest dungeon with three levels and quite extensive areas per layer. I would say there is a dungeon missing similar to the watcher's keep and the endless stairs, a dungeon that takes a couple of hours to go through with hard fights, riddles and bosses. What I certainly do not miss though are dungeons that tire me with long fights against trash mobs and bullet sponges for every room. However, with the current difficulty issues I think the current approach of three-room-dungeons with a boss is not helpful either. I think though it is hard to please the crowd, the setti
  5. I am torn on this subject. I do like that you do not spend half an hour in one dark dungeon, that has four layers, but I think a small map with two rooms everywhere is not much fun either. Also most places are not tied to any marked or unmarked quests but are plain dungeons with no real "purpose". Exceptions include the things like the mentioned Wael dungeon, or the shipwrecked crew near Port Maje, where you actually have to do something else than fighting, and/or where you gain a bit of backstory on the place. This is something that is really missing, stuff that puts the place into context.
  6. Yeah I just noticed the same issue, it worked mostly fine, PoE was always a bit prone to missing clicks, but I thought the issues were minor. Unti today, where basically every thrid click will not work (left-click that is). I cleaned my mouse yesterday, and thought this might be the issue, but it works fine in every other application, so I am rather glad that other people have this issue. :D Anyway at this moment it is really annoying. Is there word, when the patch will go live?
  7. At first it struck me as odd as well, but since I thought more about I came to this conclusion: We are accustomed to solutions that suits us best, which is always the option where everyone just gets along with each other, but that is never realistic. Why would any of the two factions back down? The Fleetmaster has an entire fleet behind him, they will not leave the island and the druids have no place to go, and are also fanatics. There is no room for a solution that benefits both sides, it is just that the player wants them to have a loghter conscience, or the best reward possible. That is
  8. There is Una's luxury items store in the Serpent's Crown District in Neketaka. She sells a range of gemstones as well. She will only be there in the daytime though, but her shop is marked on the map.
  9. Yeah this definitely needs a decent tutorial or a way better interface. Or at the very least one should be able to revert the changes, it is really annoying to not know what you end up with.
  10. Yeah I stood there like a baffoon as well for a minute. You have to leave the combat via the button in the top center of your screen. :D
  11. I figured I might just add my opinion on the game to the mix, since I have just started a new game with the blessings, although I have not finished the game in my first playthrough. Generally I can definitely say, PoE 2 is an excellent game, which I find more enjoyable than the also great PoE 1. I was doubtful about the pirate theme and the more sandbox-type gameplay, but it works really well. My biggest praises go to the VA, which I found to be very immersive to the point that I would have wanted this in PoE 1 as well. Also the ship combat is a fun feature and synergizes well with the explo
  12. Sorry just got up. Yeah you can talk to the queen and do the Hasongo Quest, but afterwards you are sent up to the very top of the map, and when you turn in that quest there is a possibility that final quests will go into your log without being able to say: "Let me think on it.", or that declining will give you a reputation loss, or that you can not turn in sidequests, because the priority of the questgiver is to give you the final quest first. It is a bit complicated. :D
  13. As I understand it, you can complete all but the last quest for each faction, until you are tasked to go to Ondra's Mortar. You can then still finish some quests, but others can not be handed in, because the next quest will be initiated with no real way to decline it. I suppose you can then only com back and get your rewards after the game has finished. You have to be really careful. While the quest tells you pretty clear that at this point you need to make allies, the game does not gove you the chance to hear all the options and then think about it. The consequences range from nothing, to
  14. Yeah I wonder as well, when I start a new game, use these blessings and then start yet another game, will I still have the same amount of blessings to use? Also I do wonder what made them add this system, when there is not a new game+ option. I actually wanted to start over again today, and use these blessings, but I think I might refrain from this until the difficulty issues are patched.
  15. Showing the dispositions should be a separate option in the difficulty menu. I also had some hiccups where people told me I was cruel, when I went around doing all the good things, while I decided to kill people trying to mug me once. I also have most things maxed out, because some dialogue options just appeal to me but are flagged as shady/cruel/aggressive. I think these are just scripted dialogues though, and the dispostions do not really matter, right? So this is more of a fluff issue.
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