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  1. Playing as a Paladin, it feels a little OP to be able to cast Sworn Enemy/Brand Enemy/other upgraded version as a free action multiple times per turn, particularly at later levels. It doesn't feel like it's working in the spirit that it was intended. Limiting casts to once per turn, or a single cast until creature dies feels like a better option for me. EDIT - I'm also going to throw in a suggestion to remove the circle of flames from above the marked enemies upon death. Would help to de-clutter things.
  2. Just wanted to jump in quickly to say TB mode is awesome! This is the way I've always wanted to play PoE. Having so much fun with this. Bravo Obsidian, well done. Well done indeed.
  3. I've recently reinstalled PoE2 onto an SSD and I've got a couple of things going on with the title screen - screen shot attached. 1. Only listing the Critical Role free dlc - all free dlc are installed 2. the News feed is not updating I've tried these steps: verified game cache through steam, no problem found. Reinstalled all dlc, same issue persists. I should note, all the installed free dlc content is in game, I've loaded up my old save and checked it all. As far as I can tell the game runs just fine. It's just the title screen giving my OCD twitches. Any ideas?
  4. If not already mentioned, the character sheet display bug is back again with the 3.0 beta patch. The very top line - 'Class' - is partially obscured.
  5. Just a couple of minor bugs I've just encountered in the 1.2 patch: The 'glow' around the level up icons on the character portraits does not disappear following level up, even on reload. On the character sheet the top line 'Class...' is partially obscured now, cannot scroll up to fully display.
  6. All the locations are there - but there isn't a connected 'Fulvano's voyage' quest. Without giving too much away, some of the area's are linked by side quests. If you go back to the fig information about the voyage you should be able to find the locations without a problem. I didn't actually find any references in game about Fulvano.
  7. So this is just a minor request. In POE1 we could sort the inventory categories by type. Unless I've missed something glaringly obvious I can't see that we can do this in POE2. The option is super useful for when your trying to decide on which new pair of boots to use, or comparing the 15 different magic rings you have rather than have to hunt for each of them. If you could add it in it would be a massive quality of life improvement. Thanks! Having a blast with the game btw.
  8. I preloaded last night. Unlocks around 10pm here in the UK. Taken tomorrow off work to play, haven't done that for a game in years. EDIT - Holy Crap! 6pm! Awesome news.
  9. I think trash mobs in moderation are fine when they make sense to be there. For example, a group of cultists praying in a temple sounds plausible. But three mobs of different enemies in one woodland map (1 vampires fampyr / 1 ogres / 1 spirits) makes no sense at all and is just a chore. I thought the temple in Dyrford Crossing however was a great example of going OTT with trash mobs.
  10. I got the painted figures, but I do have a serious mini-addiction. I had hoped for a set of PoE rpg dice too. I'd have thrown money at them for those.
  11. Minis! Obsidian, thank you for adding the minis as an extra. That's awesome. Feeding my money into a USB port now. I'm afraid it's only £s so not worth much these days.
  12. When you mouse over an enemy you should get an info box in the top right left corner of the screen that will display defences & resistances etc.
  13. Obsidian, I would throw money at you for a set of PoE RPG dice and 28mm character miniatures. THROW MONEY AT YOU.
  14. Done and goddam, I would throw so much money at you Obsidian for a TB Pathfinder ISO RPG. EDIT - over excited tying typing
  15. Take my money, Feargus. TAKE MY MONEY..... Ahem. I guess we're not going to see a kickstarter until PoE2 is much further into production than PoE was, which can only be a good thing. Can't wait.
  16. Also never had Azzuro show up. In my last play through I really wanted that damn shield for my PC, really just for the looks. I made sure to rush the stronghold, got my prestige up to 61 early with special visitors by mid act 2, then did the whole White March, advanced every quest I could find. By the end of Act 3 the stronghold had ran out of quests and special events as I was only getting the old 'Grand Adventure' and 'Major Adventure' events. And he still didn't turn up. Screw you Azzuro. Thing is, I know I can cheat the shield in, and did at one point, but had to roll back to an earlier save as it just didn't feel right, y'know?
  17. My last two PCs, which includes my current one, have been paladins and I've had a blast with them. I RP my parties rather than game them, and don't min/max so I can't really comment on if they are the most efficient/effective at what they do. I really like the faith & conviction mechanic, especially with the speech hints turned off.
  18. I think PoE is a fantastic rpg, and worthy to Game of the Year for me. It's the rpg I just keep coming back to, I've played most others released in the last year and at some point they don't scratch the rpg itch like PoE. I guess it just hits all the right spots for me. The updates and DLC have been solid, combat is at sweet spot, I really like the art style and rpg mechanics, the stronghold is much improved with 3.0. I'd like to think that Obsidian start PoE2 straight away because I'd be really interested to see how this game grows and the places they take it.
  19. I heard that it would be available in 'winter', which in marketing terms means it could be anytime between now and next April.
  20. Is this related to the Schrodinger's Turn principle? This states that if a 'turn' and one copy of Pillars of Eternity are placed in a box, it could be both the current or next turn, and the only way of knowing which turn it is is to open the box.
  21. I may be wrong... that sounds like more of a formation problem and sloppy tactics than anything else... No, that sounds about right.
  22. Getting a 'prayer against imprisonment' off is all well and good, but the problem for me has been they always target Durance and Aloth first, guaranteed. I pretty much just bludgeoned my way through these encounters, probably helped by my party being a little over-levelled for WM, I think I was level 11 going in, so I can soak up a bit more damage.
  23. Honestly, I haven't been able to beat either the Adra or Alpine dragon yet. I beat the Sky dragon first attempt but I guess she's the easiest one. I've tried all sorts of tactics, and it makes me smile now when people say things like 'you just need to CC the minions first'. Sometimes I'm dead before Durance & Aloth get their first spells off! The first time I walked into the Alpine dragon I thought, well, I'll give it a try, it can't be that much harder that the Sky dragon can it? About 1s in, surrounded by bloody minions the dragon does some sort of breath attack the one shots my party. F it, I thought. Reload, my party took the option to leave and got the hell out of there! Haven't been back since. God damned dragons!
  24. next to that door there are four pillars each with descriptive text that includes a compass direction. When you put these four lines in the correct order it gives you the combination for the door lock.
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