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I have no issues with the proportions either, but I wonder if we'll have a variety of body shapes to choose from for each race too. I don't mind the 'skinny' dwarf but wouldn't mind a bulkier option as well either.

There won't be different body type options available for player characters unless Sawyer/the developers have changed their minds since then. There was some talk possible NPC model variation, but only child models are confirmed to be in (I hope that the fat, ass-scratching merchant of Adam's dreams makes it into the game as well though).

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The first pic looks great, the second pic is a bit weird to me. Probably because the blue orlan looks so out of place at that height.

Just what do you think you're doing?! You dare to come between me and my prey? Is it a habit of yours to scurry about, getting in the way and causing bother?


What are you still bothering me for? I'm a Knight. I'm not interested in your childish games. I need my rest.


Begone! Lest I draw my nail...

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Dwarf shoulders are wider, their feet are bigger compared to human. The human gate is wider. It seems like dwarf legs are just shorter.

In Deadfire a dwarf looks taller than he was in PoE but not wider than a human.


I wonder if this is due to issues with animations or armor or if this was an aesthetic decision from the start.




Orlans appear skinnier too. Even if you take the big hair away their heads are still quite big. Especially with the black ring that make their already big eyes more prominent to me they look less like their own furry, animalistic Race and too much like children. But if nobody else sees it maybe I'm wrong.

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