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hey, i‘d have just a couple questions regarding the stream. Don‘t play the beta, but curious about this:

- at 52:25 the wizard casts paralyze but his spell hits the nearby rock and gets the wizard himself paralyzed. Is that intended, i mean that all spells can hit obstacles and return to the caster?

- also when paralyzed, there‘s no indication how long the paralyze effect will last? Or am i missing something? If i‘m supposed to tell whether to counter an effect or not i should be able to know about the duration of the effect.


Also, i‘d be interested to see how level scaling works in future streams. I understand it‘s only for boss battles so that they are at higher level with more health and more abilities? Is there a possibility to get a closer look at counterspelling like charm, will there e.g. be invisibility? Will there be more countering than the 'prayer vs.' spells?

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am gonna note the temporal proximity 'tween the announcement regarding the stream and the stream itself.  is possible this recent stream were an impromptu thing, and it sounds as if somebody involved in the process were ill, so perhaps the obsidians were not certain there would be a stream until almost 11:00am o' the day o' the stream.  however, am suspecting there were some folks, somewheres, who went to bed before the announcement and woke after/during the stream.  


am appreciating the obsidian streams and the willingness o' developers to share info during such streams.  am also understanding how difficult it can be to make such streams happen according to a schedule.  even so, for future streams, a bit more o' a heads-up would be welcome.


thanks... in advance.


HA! Good Fun!

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