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[UI] Minor ease-of-use tweak request

User Interface

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Ah, there's just one more thing...




Now, I realize this is probably going to be too much work for the team to consider it, but I'll ask this anyway.


Currently it is unclear what the effect of Empower is on each given ability. Sure, it will make Minoletta's Minor Missiles cast more missiles. But what about Knock Down? More damage? Longer duration? Higher penetration? A combination of those?


It would be good if each ability carried a section in their description that explained the effect Empower has on them, possibly with a revised stat block to show it at a glance.


Ideally I'd like it if when I click Empower all spell tooltips are modified to include the bonus power levels e.g. I click Empower, right-click Minoletta's Minor Missiles and the number of projectiles reflects the bonus power levels from Empower.


Not sure what the plans are regarding this, but right now there doesn't seem to be a lot of clarity as to which abilities are affected by power level and in what way. It would be good to have a list of abilities that scale by power level broken down by class, and for each class a description of how each ability is affected. Perhaps this is already planned for the glossary/cyclopedia part of the journal, but I figured I'd mention it here.


Ideally there should be an Encylopedia entry breaking this down in detail.


We definitely have empower bugged for clarity in our system currently, thanks all for bringing this up!

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Great news all round Cdiaz. Thanks for letting us know.

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