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  1. Would it be possible to list whether cheats (BB for stats bonus) were used in character creation, maybe under difficulty? Hard to know if a build will work without them, and I'd rather not have to click and read each one to know. I hope it's not too much to ask!
  2. How do we get in on the beta for this? I've seen comments about it, and I was in the backer beta for deadfire.
  3. Debonair seems good for a ranged rogue build, since you could negate the penalty pretty easily by standing close behind allies for cowardice and already don't engage from range. At that point it's all upside.
  4. Perhaps streetfighter/blood mage could be used effectively together. Load up on self buff spells, damage self to get into bloodied hp level, and get into melee. Definitely will try it out my next run. Many of these new subclasses seem like they would make great ranged characters, which is something I've been wanting more of.
  5. If you get the palm sail, you can outrun basically every time. I get it early on for convenience.
  6. Very excited about this patch. I want to brainstorm ideas for the new subclasses. I'll throw out some wild (crazy?) ideas. Maybe rogue could get a subclass specializing in range attacks, where they can use their melee weapon from range (counts as melee) and it flies back to them with some kind of technique or magic? Drawback could be a significant limitation on what kinds of weapons they can use. Maybe some weapons are too heavy or clunky to have it fly back, etc. I'm hoping they came up with something interesting for warriors. Maybe a light armor type of warrior where they get an armor penalty for heavier armor, but are more mobile and agile? I really don't know on this one. Warriors are hard to design for me. I would love something for wizards like they did with trickster for rogues. Could do a front line wizard where they reduce spell cast time, add skills like armored grace as choices when leveling, and increase base hp in exchange for -2pl for all spells. Idk if that's even balanced, but I'm just saying I want something exciting. They could also do something along the lines of the sorcerer class, where you get more casts in exchange for inability to use spellbooks? I can't imagine anyone giving up access to the unique spells though. If they came up with a way to make wizard spell casts a renewable resource, that would be an incredible new subclass too. What do you guys think, other ideas?
  7. Yeah this has been a thing for a while now. I found it irritating too because limited resources like this tend to make me want to never use them.
  8. As stated in the title, I used Chorus of the Lost, and it put the debuff on a summoned tentacle that was in the area of effect. If this is a situational thing, I can go about getting the save file and all that.
  9. In order to be affected by increased power levels for spells and abilities, does it have to have the keyword in the description? For instance, I know that an item that gives + Fire Power Level will work with Flames of Devotion for sure because it has the keyword Fire in the description, but does the chanter invocation that deals shock damage improve with an item that gives + All Electricity Power Levels even though it doesn't say electricity in the keywords (just says Chanter Invocations)? I would just like some clarity on how to determine what affects what. Thanks! Edit: Okay, I found out that it increase power level does work on chanter invocations even when it does not have a keyword for that elemental power level. Tested using Deltro's Cage and Thrice She Was Wronged, Thrice Justly Avenged. So, if anyone was wondering, this likely means any kind of spell/ability damage is impacted by this even if it doesn't have the keywords.
  10. Upon selling loot at Marihi's Metalwork, I received what looks like half of what I should have received. Attached is a dropbox link to watch what happened and a link to the save file. https://www.dropbox.com/s/dqmga5sisulozef/PillarsOfEternityII%202018-09-26%2000-07-36-62.avi?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/hotvd3prlcx1ba7/Zulthu%20%283f156fe0-b15b-44de-b0c8-1c65ce76921d%29%20%28LAX-ABCDF%29%20autosave_0.savegame?dl=0
  11. Get in a choke point, wait for the fighter to gain a little aggro, then send in other melee classes.
  12. I haven't done this before. Do they usually expand the beta to other parts of the game for us to test later on, or are we just helping with this piece?
  13. Haha, sounds awfully "diablo-y". Grimoires are pretty functional items, so I hope that the other classes will also receive something useful and not just thematic "placeholder" items. Yeah that does sound like more fun, though some classes are inherently more active/flexible than others in how they are played. I haven't played Diablo, so I'm not sure what that system looks like. Was it fun and engaging or no?
  14. hmm I wasn't aware of these. maybe warriors could have scabbards, rogue could have poison vial, paladin/priest could have some token of their religion, druid could have some kind of magic stick lol. Not sure about others but this would be a fun thing to guess about/discuss.
  15. I'm glad to hear about there being much more voice acting in deadfire! It requires less of a commitment of mental energy, and adds to immersion.
  16. Gilded enmity should stack with everything considering you are giving up your auras for this.
  17. I like the idea of holding spells like this. As was said above, I don't see a problem with having the spell once you spent the time casting it in combat. Additionally, I could see this being a special caster ability you have to spend a point on in order to gain access to, or perhaps additional points to cast the higher level spells like this. Maybe each point could hold the spell longer, with the final point letting you attack or use non-spell abilities while holding the charge. I think that would be really fun! It seems like it could add a new strategic element to combat as well. It adds new ways to use the spells rather than just making them more powerful, which I love to see in games.
  18. Oh, good to know something is coming up soon! Thanks for responding!
  19. If the updates are meaty, yeah I think it could be enough. The game won't be perfect when it comes out. There are always lots of bugs and other things that need to be changed. I'm betting that by the summer (Northern), the state of the game will be pretty close to what it will be forever. Prior to that, a lot can change. If you recall all the stronghold changes and class changes from poe1, you know the version that was released originally changed a lot.
  20. Oh, I would like that. I had assumed that we would start there, but it does make more sense having something between that shows how we got there, even if it's very short.
  21. Ah, thanks guys. Hopefully we hear something about this or their progress in the next few weeks.
  22. I'm just wondering if there's a rough timeline on the next beta update somewhere. I've played through the beta about half a dozen times so far, and I'm getting bored haha. I have to imagine they have fixed a ton of bugs at this point, and I know they are planning to change how some stats and spell cast times, graze, etc. I'm eager to see how the game plays with these changes. So... any idea?
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