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  1. Since the last patch I've had several summon figurines that now say that they're out of charges. There's never been any indication that they have a fixed number of charges, and there still isn't any indication on the one or two I have that aren't out of charges. Is this a bug or has it always worked that way and I'm just now running into it? If I knew there were limited charges, I would've been much more careful with using them.
  2. I really like the Escape ability. A tank is all about locking down a group of enemies, but that also results in the tank being multiply locked down. Occasionally, I want to reposition the tank, or I really, really want to have him knock down a caster who may be about to cause a lot of trouble, and Escape lets him do that without being locked down. It also lets him close the gap early on to start tanking at a back-liner. Riposte is also cool. So I think you gain more on the Rogue side than you lose on the Fighter side.
  3. Yeah, I was surprised -- shouldn't have been I guess -- that which party member attempts the task matters a lot. Party Assist is not symmetrical: it's your ability plus some contribution from the rest. (I'd assumed it was the max of the rest, but your example shows it's not that simple. I'm curious as to the formula as well.
  4. OK, something weird was happening. I also had a wizard companion and perhaps lost track of who was who, or maybe the animation for a weapon is red particles like missiles. I could swear I saw four+ missiles cast per encounter, or saw multiple missiles cast then looked at my character and still had missiles to cast.
  5. I chose a Loremaster for my first PoE 2 character without doing a lot of research. I can't check right now, but I got the impression last night that the Chanter's phrases enable not just the Chanter's invocations, but also the Wizard's spells. (I.e. the Wizard could cast missiles more often than I would have expected.) Is this true? If so, it's a very pleasant surprise I wasn't counting on.
  6. You can always keep Eder as a Fighter, the priestess as a Priest, then choose anything else you want. Just remember that the whole per-rest/per-encounter mechanism has changed with everything basically shifting to per-encounter with a boost mechanism that lets you do more in one encounter, then requires a rest to reset. I just got the Priestess, and don't remember the details but I'm not sure that she's a fully-healing-oriented Priest. If not -- and you'd need to clarify that -- even having a bit of healing wouldn't be redundant for the Watcher. Multi- and sub-classing definitely compl
  7. You start out with Eder, who you can class as a Fighter or Rogue. You'll quickly get a priestess that you can class as a Priest or Monk. This is pretty genius because you're not stuck running into a companion who is the same class as you, since you get to set their class when they join the team. You can even multi-class them to be both -- i.e. Eder as a Fighter/Rogue -- a Swashbuckler, I think. I've only played up to the first town, so don't know, but it looks like PoE 2 is pretty brilliant in this respect. Now whether the class (or classes) you choose for yourself turn out to play well fo
  8. You have no experience with any kind of RPG at all? (If you do have some experience, you may prefer one play style over another.) In terms of straightforward to play and not getting crushed, I would recommend a single-class Fighter, no subclass. They're tough and flexible. In general, for your first play through you will want to avoid multi classing and sub classing. Once you've used and understand the base capabilities, you can better decide how to mix-n-match them (multi class) or trade them off (sub class). In the classical RPG genre, there was a "holy trinity": a tank, a healer, an
  9. I've only played briefly, but I really liked dual-classing Eder. For example, he can use the Rogue ability -- forget its name -- that lets you disengage and leap to a new location, which was a great gap-closer after a party member unexpectedly dropped. On general principle, I'm trying my first run-through with myself and every companion dual-classed. I stayed away from sub-classing myself on the first go-round. I'm first playing a Loremaster (Wizard/Chanter) and it would have been interesting to subclass the Wizard for Evocation, but make up for the lack of summons by subclassing the Chant
  10. I've been trying a duo with me as Monk and picking up Eder (Fighter) as my tank, on Normal. One of the things I've liked so far is to get the Rogue talent for backstabbing, and then I can run around behind folks that are being tanked and do some serious damage.
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