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I like the calm of the Dyrford theme. 



Granted, it got stuck in my head after playing 25+ hours of the beta. Thanks, Justin Bell...



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I think the best parts of the PoE soundtrack was stuff attached to the various city-districts. My favorite is the one that plays in the first district of Twin Elms, I love that so much. How it starts with the harp with the soft, soft strings (synth?) in the background and then the piano enters... aah, wonderful. Very soothing.


I hope for more variety also. I would especially love more "source music", music that exists within the game itself. More tavern songs, maybe some sea shanties, stuff like that.

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I for one find the battle music annoying in first PoE. I hope we can have more variety of them and on epic boss-fights, maybe Obsidian can learn from Dragon Age Inquisition dragon battle music.


Ah, someone who actually reads my mind!

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I prefer "town" music myself. To this day, I still think Targos - Skeleton of a Town from IWD2 is the best.



A really good version.



I absolutely loved that in Icewind Dale 2, I agree. Very reminiscent of Hisaishi's work for Princess Mononoke too.



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I like PoE's music, very fitting and grows on ya.  Has a melancholy vibe to it which I like.


As to town music in general, I always like the Tristam town music in the first Diablo. 

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