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What your looking forward to


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  1. 1. What your looking forward to

    • New Story
    • New PC
    • 6 customizable lightsaber slot
    • Blaster balancing
    • New Worlds
    • T3-M4 returning!!
    • Prestige Classes
    • Jedi from gamestart
    • New Lightsaber Colors
    • Darth Sions Body

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Actually, what I REALLY want to see is what MCA, Darren, the Chris's, Feargus, et al can do after not having developed a released game in two years. (We'll leave the IWD2 discussion elsewhere) After the tragedies that are: Torn, Jefferson, Delaware (maybe more?) they must feel vindicated at actually having the security to know that their project is NOT going to be cancelled. These guys have previously brought us some of the finest crpg's EVER (as well as some great dissapointments --see above).


I am highly optimistic about this game as the deck is stacked to their favor---great core team + BIO technology + brand recognition. More than any little cosmetical thing found in this game, I am most looking forward to being taken on a grand adventure by these guys. I think they can. I think they will.


ps --- DON'T SCREW UP!!!!


pps --- please?


ppps --- prestige classes suck

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None of the above, I'm really looking forward to getting my head handed back to me on the tip of Sion's sabre the first time I encounter him :lol: . I'm also counting on the opportunity to pay him back in spades on the rematch. B) That and crossing swords with the other Sith Lords just so I can touch my inner child and relive those first moments when I first saw Darth Vader grace the screen :o :ph34r: .

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T3-M4 post-1139-1093328657.gif












Another great idea by the people who brought you beer milkshakes!


"I don't see a problem...then again, SW isn't my life, so what do I know...." - some who makes 27.8 post per day on a SW forum!

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Where's "Dancing Twi'leks"-option dammit!! :angry:



But seriously, the new story for me.

"Some men see things as they are and say why?"
"I dream things that never were and say why not?"
- George Bernard Shaw

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