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Patch notes for 1.1.5 is up!

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Looking for what will be new come patch 1.1.5? You can check it out here! That update should be out very soon!


Deck 5: Sins of the Saviors


  • The evil beneath the town of Sandpoint refuses to sleep quietly and a killer from the ancient past awakes. Clues found in his lair lead to the den of a legendary dragon and into a vast arcane dungeon ruled by ancient wizards, where the seven deadly sins reign supreme.
    • 5 New Scenarios
    • 3 New Locations
    • New Maps
    • New loot such as the Staff of Hungry Shadows, Summon Monster, and Ordikon’s Staff!
    • New Legendary Rewards
      • Complete each scenario on Legendary to unlock the Blessing of Thassilonian Virtues!
    • For owners of the Rise of the Runelords Bundle - New Promo card!
      • Goblin Plate +1.  Use this armor to mitigate combat or Fire damage by 3.  Be wary of reducing all damage with it, however, or you'll deal 1 damage to a character at your location!

News Queue

  • The main menu now has a panel that will inform users about new challenges, bundles, features, and rewards.

New Wildcards

  • Several new wildcards have been added, some specifically for Deck 5, but others are available for all decks.
    • Some new wildcards that can be encountered:
      • Close Quarters: Your hand size is decreased by 1/2/3.
      • Alert Guards: An additional monster is shuffled into each location.
      • (Deck 3+) Mother Father Snakes: A Nightbelly Boa henchman is shuffled into each location
      • (Deck 5 only) Revenge of the Wrathful: When you encounter a non-villain non-henchman monster, a random character at an open location summons and encounters a Warrior of Wrath henchman.

Blessing Matching Toggle

  • To deal with issues with certain blessings copying the top blessing of the discard pile we've implemented a toggle that will let you choose to copy the blessing or not.  This fixes issues with Favor of the Gods.
    • To Toggle Blessing Copy:
      • Tap on the top card of the blessings deck.  On the left side there will be a button that says "Blessings".  This defaults to on. 
      • Tap on "Blessings" to turn off blessing matching.

Quest Mode Reward Revision

  • Revised card rewards when leveling up in Quest Mode.  Gone are the days of being rewarded a Rusty Short Sword!

Top Community Issues


These are issues you have all helped to bring to our attention. We can't thank you enough for your feedback on the game! These issues have been the most discussed here on the forum and these, along with many more, will be fixed when 1.1.5 goes live!

Natural skill bonuses being removed when playing items that add to the main check

  • Items like Belt of Giant Strength, Belt of Incredible Dexterity, and Headband of Alluring Charisma, when played, would sometimes remove the natural bonus the character had for their checks.  This has been fixed, and the bonuses now add properly.

Crashing when Selecting Dice

  • Attempted a fix for an issue where some players can crash when selecting dice.  We are unable to reproduce this internally - for those affected, please let us know if this issue is resolved.

Playing cards from your deck

  • There was an issue where you could play relevant cards from your deck when not in your hand.  This has been fixed.

Seelah's Crusade & Mountain Peak

    • Fixed an issue where Seelah's Crusade ability was not usable at the Mountain Peak if the location's start of turn power was failed.


Other Fixes

Here's the list of other fixes we've addressed in this patch, broken down by type!



  • Blessing of Abadar: No longer incorrectly grants 2 dice vs barriers on non-defeat checks
  • Booster: Magic Spyglass: Now correctly adds 1 die instead of incorrectly adding +1 to perception checks.
  • Booster: Favor of the Gods: Can now properly be played with other blessings on a check.  Note that in order to do so, you need to toggle blessing matching - you'll have to zoom on the top card of the blessings deck and tap on "blessing".  This will tell Favor of the Gods and other blessings to copy the top card of the blessing's discard - or not.  It defaults to on.
  • Booster: Silent Enforcer: No longer incorrectly counts as a weapon when used at the Waterfront
  • Clockwork Librarian: Now properly allows you to cancel when played to aid a recharge, and no longer incorrectly allows auto succeeding at spell recharges.
  • Luckstone: Can no longer be incorrectly used to aid other's checks.
  • Lokansir: Card text now updated to match the current behavior.
  • Major Cure: Now properly granting extra card for the caster
  • Restoration: Can no longer be unintentionally used on an active character when played by an off turn character at a different location.
  • Restoration: The helper text when used at a location with another character was incorrect.  This has been fixed.
  • Simulacrum of Vraxeris: If you fail the BYA check, the henchman will incorrectly recharge any displayed cards.  The bonuses and dice will remain in effect properly for the rest of the turn, however.
  • Xanesha: Her card restriction now properly continues through the turn duration instead of incorrectly only during the encounter.


  • Ezren: Spell Collector text updated to better communicate what the power does.
  • Lini: Beast Form - Fire trait is now optional and can be toggled via UI that pops up above the first power slot.  This required moving the position of her powers to make visual sense, however the position of buttons for existing characters could not be changed.
    • New versions of Lini made in 1.1.5 and later will have Animal Trick on the right, with Beast Form on the left.
    • Existing versions of Lini made before 1.1.5 will retain the original Animal Trick on the left and Beast Form on the right.  The UI for Fire trait will appear above Animal Trick on this version of the character.
  • Kyra: Dawnflower's Favorite: Fixed an issue where Dawnflower's Favorite was not properly functioning.
  • Sajan: Bring Me Another - Fixed an issue where Lem aiding the recharge check with Bardic Performance could banish the card being recharged.
  • Sajan: Bring Me Another - Fixed an issue where you couldn't recharge a Potion of Fortitude if used on a recharge check for another item with the liquid trait.

Quest Mode

  • Nightbelly Boa as henchmen: A final possible place where Nightbelly Boas could be used as Henchmen in Quest Mode has been removed


  • The Black Tower: Mountain Peak is no longer orphaned when playing with 2 characters on Legendary.


  • Character Selection: Replaced the character sub-menu button with a new animated icon
  • Booster Card Rarity: Border colors indicating card rarity no longer disappear between scenarios.
  • Move Button: When starting your turn at a closed location, an animation now plays on the Move button to make it more obvious what you need to do next.


Text Modified from the Physical Game

We sometimes change cards from the ones found in the Physical version of the game - generally due to technical reasons, although sometimes per request from Paizo or Loneshark.  Here's the list of cards modified in this patch!

  • Alu-Demon Sister: Card modified from a "Before you act", perform a die roll, to "Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait" perform a die roll.
  • Shimmering Veils of Pride: Location modified to state: "When you succeed at a check on your turn, recharge a card."  The original text was for any succeeded check at that location would cause a recharge to occur.
  • Succubus: Card modified from a "Before you act", perform a die roll, to "Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait" perform a die roll.
  • Mistress Delvahine: Card modified from a "Before you act", perform a die roll, to "Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait" perform a die roll.
  • Rimeskull: Scenario power modified from "Characters may not move to or explore" to "may not move to or encounter cards"

Modified in previous patches:

  • Acid Arrow: Card modified from Arcane die + 2d4 to Arcane die + 1d10+1.
  • Bandit: Veteran trait added.
  • Black Magga: Card modified from a "Before you act," perform a die roll, to "Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait" perform a die roll.
  • Emerald Codex: Banish power of the card removed.  The only power on this card is the Bury version.  Current power: "Bury this card to display three new spells that have the Divine trait.  You may play each of these cards as if it is in your hand; after you do, banish it.  At the end of the scenario, banish any that remain."
  • Goblin Warchanter: Card modified from a "Before you act," perform a die roll, to "Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait or a weapon" perform a die roll. 
  • Hag: Card modified from a "Before you act" perform a die roll to "Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait" perform a die roll.
  • Hook Mountain Hag: Card modified from a "Before you act" perform a die roll to "Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait" perform a die roll.
  • Holy Candle: Power changed to a Banish from Bury for added blessings to the blessings deck.
  • Levitate: Removed from the game and replaced with Stride.  Stride's power: "During your turn, discard this card to move another character.  At the end of your turn, discard this card to move.  After playing this card, if you do not have the Arcane skill, banish it; otherwise, you may succeed at an Arcane 8 check to recharge this card instead of discarding it."
  • Lokansir: Card modified from a "Before you act" perform a die roll to "Before you play a spell that has the Attack trait" perform a die roll.
  • Snake: Discard power updated to add to Strength combat checks.  Original only allowed Melee.
  • Reduction Field: Reworded If Undefeated power to "If undefeated, attach this card to its location deck.  While attached, the difficulty of Strength and Melee checks at this location is increased by 4.".  The original stated to "display this card faceup next to its location deck."

As always we'll be checking the technical support forums on release of the patch for any and all feedback you all provide. Thank you all for making the launch of Pathfinder Adventures be an awesome one and we look forward to bringing you more content as soon as we can!

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Just once it would be nice if you release a patch that works. I've beat the scenario Thassilonian Sins four times and each time after I defeat the final villain the game wants my characters to all move to closed locations. Once they all move no characters can end their turns and there is no choice but to forfeit.

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