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[Bug] Wand of Enervation does not give 4 + 1d4 when used by a hero with Arcane



Platform: Android 7

Device: Nexus 5x


When using the card Wand of Enervation from a hero with the Arcane skill, the player is rolling 2d4 instead of 4+1d4. This is a new bug from this week's patch.


1. Ensure a hero with the Arcane skill has Wand of Enervation in their hand

2. Start a combat encounter

3. Use Wand of Enervation (bury it)


The player will be given 2d4 to roll.

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You just really wanted to post the Muppets meme didn't you?

Aw.  You got me.


It's awesome that people like OP are helping out by posting bug reports, but that meme just comes to mind whenever there's a forum post about something that's acting screwy since June.   :)


Aside from the whole 2d4 Arcane thing, the wand seems to be generally working better than it used to.  Man, that card had a rocky start..

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