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Bought the season pass or daily gold, content did not unlock? Please read this.




If you bought the season pass and the content for it did not unlock please send an email to: support@obsidian.net


PFID# (Located in the setting window of the main menu)

Google Play/GameCenter username
The email tied to that account.

What content are you missing, Characters, Adventures, Daily Gold etc.
Proof of Purchase


Please do NOT post your personal information publicly here in the forums.


Also please take a look here, we have had people report some things that they have been able to do to restore access to their season pass content.

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The fix for the daily gold is in 1.0.3, but for my iPad, the latest available version is 1.0.2

Any idea when 1.0.3 for the iPad will be available?

Thanks, Sadie

1.0.3 isnt released till early next week....


We just got the patch notes today

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Anyone else finding daily gold to be broken again after the patch? I think I've been able to collect once since it. Last night it said 1 hour until I collect. Went to bed, login today, and it says 7. I know my gold count pretty well and it's pretty much not increased aside from earned gold since the patch. Pretty frustrating experience. Definitely not buying gold again as this is the 2nd time I'm having issues.

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