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  1. Also experienced this today, but wasn't with a recharge. Did it a handful of times, but all I could manage to do was the painful 2 gold exploit. If I lost the roll I'd not defeat the horde. Subsequent hits of the horde ended the same way despite a different collections of charatpcters and ways to defeat the zombies. Only solution was to forfeit. Same scenario as OP.
  2. Title is pretty self-explanatory. Latest version of iOS or latest mini. I tried choosing the not close locations, but still no dice for other characters. I eventually tried using a skill to add dice, which ultimately got me stuck and unable to proceed. Had to quit the scenario.
  3. Ditto. Timer resets every day. Haven't been able to collect since patch.
  4. Anyone else finding daily gold to be broken again after the patch? I think I've been able to collect once since it. Last night it said 1 hour until I collect. Went to bed, login today, and it says 7. I know my gold count pretty well and it's pretty much not increased aside from earned gold since the patch. Pretty frustrating experience. Definitely not buying gold again as this is the 2nd time I'm having issues.
  5. Also wanting to know. App review is 1-2 days currently so it shouldn't be long after they've blessed it.
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