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What's the base speed value?

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The boots that give +3 seem to more than double move speed. I suppose that if one really wanted to know, using the console to try out the +1 move speed talent, with and without a +1 move speed item, versus speed boots +3, with and without +1 move speed talent would let you try out enough different speed values to give you a pretty good idea.

Would one of the frame counters care to give it a go?

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I'd like to know this too. I've taken the +movement resting bonus and didn't notice any difference, is the base speed so high that +1 is (almost) irrelevant? 

Wiki doesn't seem to have this info either...


Movement speed bonuses and penalties only work in combat.

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Would one of the frame counters care to give it a go?

Why not)

Just ran a few experiments, and base speed value seems to be 4.


What exactly I did:

- set the character to run from point A (near team member 1) to point B (near team member 2) half across the map.

- set slow motion and unpaused.

- checked this with/and without boots of speed. In and out of combat (another character was tanking; so no stops from disengagement)

- checked recorded videos



- naked, out-of-combat: 580 frames

- naked, in-combat: 580 frames

- boots, out-of-combat: 578 frames

- boots, in-combat: 334 frames


580 * x = 334 * (x + 3)

x = 3 * 334 / (580 - 334)

x = 1002 / 246 = 4.07


So equipping boots_of_speed (+3) speed's you up by 75% in combat.


-- update --


Since it will probably be asked anyway: it stacks arithmetically with Fast Runner talent.

(I've got 294 frames; which corresponds to 8.02 speed coefficient)

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Thx everybody for the info - especially AndreaColombo for the clarification and MaxQuest for the testing.

With base speed at 4, the movement bonus for resting seems quite nice for some chars at least - should be worth it on my main ranger, who's always scouting and sneak attacking from distance, but has to run back to the second line before the enemies rush him and engage him... I guess I'll give him that last point in survival and double the move bonus :-)

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Stumbled upon exact values in CharacterStats.cs:

public const float DEFAULT_WALK_SPEED = 2f;
public const float DEFAULT_RUN_SPEED = 4f;
public const float DEFAULT_ANIMAL_COMPANION_RUN_SPEED = 5.5f;
So, the 4.07 estimate was pretty close :)
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