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Why are we limited to only 1 trap? Seems a bit too underwhelming to have only just one trap. Most of the time I barely bother and they just accumulate in my inventory.


Can't they be buffed a little with some restrictions? For example each character can lay 1 trap each if they have the mechanics for it. Furthermore traps cannot be overlapped on the same area. Make maximum of three traps at least instead of one maybe. If they still prove too strong they could always be made to do less damage or make it so consecutive traps do less damage. Maybe they can even make AI of certain higher level enemies (for the difficult fights) be able to detect traps and avoid them/disarm them.


Being able to lay multiple traps is just way more fun in itself and I think would make the game more enjoyable.



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I think it's due to certain fights(namely dragons and liches) in the Baldur's gate series that were completely wrecked by traps. You'd lay like 20 traps around a target then start the fight and it would all explode, ending the fight instantly.  

Similarly, multiple traps in PoE would be a little OP because the monster AI is stupid and weak. You'd just run around a corner and place all your traps, then lead the enemies thought it.  Loot,  rinse and repeat.  

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There are numerous ways that could be used to balance and make traps way more interesting than they are right now. Making the rogue class just another style of fighter removing the use of stealth in combat and removing the use of traps to plan for combat is utterly boring for someone who loves role playing rogues that lean more to the classic D&D thief class.

So there's a potential 6 traps to be laid down (1 per party member with enough mechanics) - why not create a system where one character could lay down 1 trap per party member with enough mechanics skill? There could even be different levels where more points in mechanics would let the character put down more traps (but the highest amount of traps to be laid down at once would still be 6). It could work just as with lore and the use of scrolls:

"at rank 1:  can use level 1 scrolls
at rank 4:  can use level 2 scrolls
at rank 6:  can use level 3 scrolls
at rank 8:  can use level 4 scrolls
at rank 10:  can use level 5 scrolls
at rank 12:  can use level 6 scrolls
at rank 14:  can use level 7 scrolls"

would be:

"at rank 1:  can lay down 1 trap
at rank 4:  can lay down 2 traps
at rank 6:  can lay down 3 traps
at rank 8:  can lay down 4 traps
at rank 10:  can lay down 5 traps
at rank 12:  can lay down 6 traps"

Who spends points in mechanics on more than one (maybe two) characters anyway? You could even put the acc-bonus to traps in there at different ranks to not make them over powered.

The fact that moving around in combat is hard (the engagement system is horrible, disengagement attacks while just trying to get behind someone and step just a little too close?), stealth in combat is worthless AND that traps are useless makes the rogue class pretty boring and uninteresting. Which is really sad as it could've been improved and made fun to play even from the old infinity games - rogue in PoE makes me miss even the assassin sub class, which says alot.

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