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I JUST found out you can charm-back "charmed" companions!

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my mind. it is blown. i can see the code now, the 1s and 0s.

anyway, started PotD today after finishing it on hard and i am having a blast. this is the way the game was meant to be played. i just recruited durance and encountered the blight near the wooden hut, and it's the first enemy in the game that can charm you AFAIK.

he charmed eder, and i just up and had aloth zap him with his low-level charm spell and my god it charmed eder right the hell back to normal.

tl;dr i'm all excited cos i thought i knew most of the game's stuff, good to know i don't.

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I'm so glad someone else has discovered the joy of the Mind Control Wars. :D

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I feel stupid for not thinking of this. Now I won't have to wait for the effect to wear off every time!

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The counter-charm is very cool, but it was in the IE games, so Obsidian can't exactly take credit for the idea. Making charm and dominate otherwise undispellable, though? All theirs.



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...but it was in the IE games...

:mindblown: I didn't know that. Oh how I hated waiting for it to wear off.



Exactly. Mind control was a thing back then.


Now it's just an annoyance that wears off quickly. Characters using reloading weapons may not even have a chance to perform single attack when dominated.



Once i charmed my dude back but he still had charmed status effect. He was allied to me but controlled by AI. Anyone knows if it's intended?

Vancian =/= per rest.

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