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  1. 1. Multiclass?

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    • I hope its in the expantion.

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Not only do I not think it's necessary, but I also feel that it would damage the class flavours. Classes should be diverse in their own right, and I question how multi-classing would even work within the current system.


Multiclass magic can f***up the lore so hard that PoE's rating could rise to Mature

But.. the rating is already Mature.

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I thought about this. It wouldn't work for certain classes, and for others it would.


It would work if fighter, rogue, wizard, and priest were able to multiclass with eachother. It would also fit with the lore as these classes are all the least specific as far as character background.


Some other combinations could work, maybe ranger/druid.


Starting health/deflection/accuracy would be the average between the two. You start with the class ability of one of the classes. At level two you gain a level in your other class, gaining their class ability. Each level thereafter you alternate. Health/endurance increase as per the current level you are gaining. Starting skill distribution is your choice of any possible skills open to either class, but not two in any one skill. Experience table stays the same.



Basically, it would work out just fine if the multiclass options were limited. I'm all for it under these circumstances.

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 Multiclass magic can f***up the lore so hard that PoE's rating could rise to Mature

But.. the rating is already Mature.


wow I'm suprised. I guess It could rise to Adult Only but joke ruined allready so ... ;(  

Kana - "Sorry. It seems I'm not very good at raising spirits." Kana winces. "That was unintentional."

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I think the best way to do multiclassing in PoE's context would be a lot like 4E - do it through talents. Have a single gateway talent for each class, of which a character could only take one, allowing limited access to the abilities from other classes.


(And then allow characters to dual-wield wands, so that I can build a delicious dual-wand monk with Blast.)

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If I'm typing in red, it means I'm being sarcastic. But not this time.

Dark green, on the other hand, is for jokes and irony in general.

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I would prefer it to be two styles:  "Standard" classes which have limited selections at level up, and an "Omni" class that allows for mix and match.   The fixed classes exist for the purpose of allowing the typical player to have a good selection of abilities and talents that blend well together.  Omni Class allows you to customize at the peril of creating an ineffective character.  Obsidian can focus on only balancing the standard classes - anyone working with an Omni Class character are intending to break the game anyways.

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