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  1. Ever since Obsidian brought back the fallout franchise from the dead I have been convinced that they are the best thing since sliced bread, I won't deny that. Even so there are flaws in every game they put out just like there are flaws in everything except mutt dogs with one upright and one floppy ear(those guys are the best) But I think that with some constructive criticism and with some time to make expansions, poe2 and hopefully some other games(something from white wolf perhaps) they are truly the guys to make games that I like.(hopefully other people will too but I'm looking out f
  2. @TheisEjsing He may or may not deserve respect, and you might even consider him a bit dickish, but to imply that he's an **** who put in god knows how many hours into beta testing(seriously sensuki do you have a job? ) just to be able to **** on the game is stupid. I don't like a lot of what he posts but the man makes some fine ass points most of the time, and even when I don't agree I usually see how someone would think he was right. If you think his points are stupid ore exaggerated say that don't attack the guy because he's disappointed in a game he put hella hours in, that's lik
  3. I think sensuki and stun are playing right into the "reviewers" hand by pointing out that his "gripes" are not actually as big of a deal as he makes them out to be...essentially what half of this thread is saying about the poe review, the problems pointed out exist but they aren't nearly as bad as they are being portrayed, or they are petty, unfounded or a matter of personal taste(not all of those at the same time). Saying either game is crappy based on the points presented is dumb, it might be under its maximum potential, or even flat out average but bad is an overstatement
  4. Only in game reactivity. It was much superior in combat encounters and fun options. I'll give you combat since it's a matter of preference between turn based and rtwp, but fun options... no freaking way does anything measure up to fallout(and especially fallout2) So fallout had 300 spells to choose from? Petrifing enemies? Poison, disease, hold, charm, enemies with invisibilty and the rest?No, I didn't think so. You could kill a guy in full power armour by throwing a lit road flare in his eye slit, that alone trumps any pansy ass spells,just kidding love the spells but flare to the ey
  5. Only in game reactivity. It was much superior in combat encounters and fun options. I'll give you combat since it's a matter of preference between turn based and rtwp, but fun options... no freaking way does anything measure up to fallout(and especially fallout2)
  6. I didn't get very far with it either. I played a little bit into the first city, decided I wasn't very happy with the builds I had chosen, but never mustered the will to restart. I also thought talking sea shells was a little hokey. I will hopefully go back to it at some point. It does seem like it has a lot of promise. The game is pretty bland as far as rpg-s go in single player, I gave it up in half an hour. But then I started playing co op with my brother and ho boy was the game a ton of fun. We sunk in time like we were kids with our first playstation game and with no memory card
  7. They could totally add two handed axes but the only way it would fit with the theme of weapons we already have is to make them something like a Dane axe or something like that. The classic fantasy two handed double bitted monstrosities would kind of feel out of place compared to the rest of the armoury. Of course a way out of this is to have one or two unique weapons in some categories which could look like something out of a comic book and they wouldn't seem too jarring since there would be so few. The weapon selection in this game hasn't been seen since Darklands in an rpg and it is re
  8. I feel like people are not getting that the pet is an integral part of the ranger class in PoE, if you just want to play an archer without a pet take a rogue or a fighter, just because it doesn't say ranger on the tin doesn't mean you can't play as one with a different class if a ranger is just an archer to you. As for the pet being easily killed, just don't send it into direct one on one(or one on many) combat have it annoy targets that are otherwise engaged and use the pet in tandem with your ranger not as just another meatshield, that even fits the whole animal companion theme, no way w
  9. They went with a more realistic/historic portrayal of weapons than many rpg-s, so while they would be nice and probably hella cool I doubt they would introduce them outside perhaps some sort of unique version of a poleaxe or hatchet, for example "The Axe of Grognak" The Estoc is a real type of triangular bladed sword good only for stabbing, like a big smallsword.
  10. My personal opinion has always been that being offended(especially on someone else's behalf) doesn't really carry any weight, I have been mocked and insulted by friends all my life and I did it back to them, I always tried to treat all people I met like standard adults and not be condescending if they are disabled or something and I would even rip on them if a good joke suggested itself. You being offended(by jokes or by "censorship") doesn't mean much since if we want to have an equal society everyone should be treated equally, if we tiptoe around what we say just so we don't say something l
  11. Just use a mod if it's so annoying. Btw. resting functions more or less the same way in pen and paper rpg-s, there is no way the GM will let you rest after every encounter so you would need to manage your resources at least a bit. In the IE games they used the same system only there was no GM(or other players) to tell you enough is enough. Random encounter=instant reload or minor annoyance. So you could abuse the system and rest every five feet if you wanted.
  12. seriously guys read this article http://www.cracked.com/blog/5-reasons-you-get-tricked-into-believing-stupid-things/ Maybe, just maybe it will make you consider not spewing vitriol. this goes for all sides of the argument.
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