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  1. I believe the last parts of Durance's quest can't happen until you do the trials of the gods in Twin Elms. Or at least that was my experience.
  2. There's a lot of dialgoue from the companions that can be missed if they're not in your party. For instance, taking Aloth to the bottom of Ced Nua yields this: "Huh....giant feet. Not sure what I was expecting but I should have known."
  3. That does suck. But thats actually true to life in a way too. Sometimes we have to compromise in order to advance our own goals.
  4. So all female druids shapeshift into rare antlered does? Although I guess if all deer in the world have fangs like that deer hat has then these aren't our world's deer.
  5. Are you sure you're far enough in the main quest to get the invite? It's not just based upon reputation but where you are in the story.
  6. If enemy casters are the issue you can use Aloth's Thrust of Tattered Veils as an opener too. Don't let them get that mass dominate off.
  7. Somethig that would factor into loot that I rarely see mentioned is the fact that you engaged and killed these enemies in combat. Equipment breaks. How much usable gear can you reasonably expect to recover when you just burned your foes to death with a fireball or disolved them with a cloud of acid? Even just tanking and spanking would reduce the amount of recoverable gear.
  8. I have to agree with the common sentiments on D&D 4E and 5E. Steaming piles of oversimplified crap. D&D 3.5 remains my favorite D&D ruleset. Although I had my own house rules for AC that combined AC and DR. I was ahead of my time. As far as changing PoE into D&D...why? It's a unique game with it's own unique ruleset. Let's not water down our already limited choices in RPGs to be more of the same old same old.
  9. I got the same bug. Hiravias can cast 27 1st level spells at level 10. I've never even had him in my party until I went to do his quest chain.
  10. I've completed Eder's quest chain and if you go back and speak to the Record Keeper it repeats the quest conversation you have with him there, everytime you speak to the NPC. It doesn't give you the actual quest updates again, just the dialogue.
  11. I thought this thread was about killing every deer I see in the game world.....
  12. I took a small break over the weekend, but only because I moved to a new house and my computer wa packed away. I nearly died from exposure to this weird thing called sunlight.
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