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What is the deal with the Steam Forums and all of the trolling threads on the POE board?

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How come the Steam discussion forums for POE are so riddled with butt hurt trolls?  I can't say that Steam discussion forums are my message board of choice but I generally hit them up at one point or another for any game I play that I have more than a passing interest in, which is a lot of games, and I honestly can not recall a game forum that had a worse signal to noise ratio.  Literally every other thread is someone bitching.  About the price or SP only or no romances or the dev studio or the combat system or the fact that it is/is not a BG/IE successor etc. etc.


What is going on there?

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Rule #1: Stay away from any and all Steam Community Forums

Rule #2: See Rule #1

Rule #3: Learn a valuable lesson in maneuvering the Internet gaming forum cyberspace


(Steam's Community Forums harvest THE WORST kind of forum trolls from the darkest depths of the cyberspace, avoid at all cost). 


Stick to Obsidian Forums, NeoGaf, The Codex, Reddit, or other RESPECTABLE forums because Steam Community Forums FOR ALL GAMES are a cesspool of trolls.


Edit: Another forum that is also terrible is GameFaqs. Avoid that site like the plague as well.

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Steam forums are always floooooded with trolls, especially around the game's initial release. 


My favorite are the price point trolls. "This game sucks! And it's way too expensive!" Literally every game at every price point, including free, gets people complaining about the price.

The sad point is people wasting their time trying to argue with these trolls. I've seen Shevek from these forums over there a lot. He needs to be saved. Help him. 


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Yeah, I venture on some Steam forums I "have to", but I generally suggest avoiding them like the plague.


And the mentioned threads (like cost) appear on every single EA forum... The concept of EA is hard. People wanting game 'NOW' doesn't help either, and that they then complain it's unfinished/lacking/etc. What do you expect of an unfinished game?

Or expect serious discounts for going into EA (seriously, what? Why would you get 90% off for buying it earlier. I hate pre-orders as much as the next guy but I can see that makes no economical sense)


tl;dr see TrueMenace's post.




I agree that that is such a stupid idiotic pathetic garbage hateful retarded scumbag evil satanic nazi like term ever created. At least top 5.


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Also, the rare times there's a decent steam forum, it's when the game devs actually post there so good posters go there. Here the game devs are either here or on SA (behind a paywall) so there's basically no reason for any intelligent poster to wade into the steam forum. It's just a cesspool.


Plus the game has enough hype to attract trolls, it's NOT the standard Skyrim-type RPG that's big these days, it doesn't even have any Dragon Age style AWESOME BUTTONS.


I think a lot of younger gamers probably don't even know how to *process* this game. They see the hype, watch it for a bit, and just get confused. Why isn't the camera in first person? What are all those buttons? My console can only handle six buttons at once ! 


In other words, kids these days.

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Dudes, there are some pearls in there:


The number one problem with this game right now (why you should not buy)
Basically guys I want this game to be good, but it's been designed by a real LOONY

This guy Josh Sawyer who you may have heard of is OBSESSED with ballancing every little thing out in his game and basically making things feel as bland as possible.
This better be a better game than baldurs gate or icewind...
cause if it not i complain about price on forums.
do not buy this game
play the old republic instead, even tho its mmo, the story and writing is 100% better. theres at least 3 romance sub plot for every single class you can play for every single side you can choose. the guys who made pillars of eternity cant even write a single one in this game, says a lot about the skills of this studio and the amount of effort they putting in this game
Weird - Witcher 3 almost the same price and 16 free dlcs
this one - the graphic, the gameplay, what justifies such a high price? Anyone?


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Reading about the Steam forums made me think about some of the other gaming communities. So I checked out the Bio forums again --since it's such a wellspring of RPG knowledge and discussion --to get a lay of the land and see what the weather-gauge was over there regarding Eternity's pending release. 


No one has posted on that thread in over 3 months. I mean, really?? Not even the slightest bit of interest Bio-Community?

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I don't even use Steam unless it's strictly necessary, and in those cases I seriously consider if I should buy the game at all. The forums are just one of ten million reasons to avoid the whole thing.


I pretty much only use Steam for all my PC gaming these days and I have never spent even a micro-second on their forums so they can be easily ignored. I guess that does not account for other 9,999,999 reasons you have though.

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yeah lots of trolls on Steam :)


This forum is better


It certainly has been for the development of this game. It will be interesting to see what happens here when the game is released.


If you listened to the Steam forums when Shadowrun came out, you'd think it was nothing but horrible mess of trash and bull**** with no redeeming value of any sort...and also, the least Shadowrun thing ever. Including the Xbox game.

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Only adults have mastered inanity to that degree. Young people 11-18 don't need hand-holding primer videos for this game, either, I'll wager. 

Actually I'd bet those people would need such a thing more. This is a type of game that hasn't been made for 15 years, remember.

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