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It's hilarious the mental gymnastics involved for some people.  OP I hope you get hired or commissioned or something by a company, maybe even Obsidian to do work for the expansion if they need additional artists.  Heck, how many developers dropped in to say something positive and commend you on it?  I would value their input a whole lot more than people that are never going to give you work.


If you want to read other funny anecdotes about this kind of stuff, check out Clients from Hell.  Bottom line is if you keep giving away your work people are going to expect it from you and be shocked you're willing to charge or even ask for credit for things.

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There's some big-ish versions of some floating around, but nothing consistent, I think. But I asked Polina what resolution they actually worked at before the portraits were resized and if there was any chance we could get our hands on them to study them or work with them to make our own portraits, and the resolution is a crazy 4800 x 7540 pixels 200 dpi. She asked, but the answer was "very unlikely".


I'm pretty sure Photoshop would murder my computer if I opened that up and worked on it, but it'd be so worth it.




Hm, the pic I found was maybe half that big.

But seriously, a little bigger than 210x330 might be nice for that, but THAT big would be kinda unnecessary.


I can not confirm that. Hardly anything worse than laggy Photoshop. Or stuck Photoshop.DX



When I was doing KSP modding we quickly ended up in a place where it was better for our pipeline to have much higher source resolutions on our textures than what was actually shipped in the mod.


16k x 16k 1gig psds with seemingly-endlessly nested smart objects work fine ... in pshop x64 ... if you have 16gigs of ram or more.


You'd be fine :D

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Beautiful portraits! I think I will use one for my aumaua wizard (@Wespenfresser if i've understood well you don't have a problem with using them ingame?).



EDIT: Thank you!

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Thank you! Sure, feel free to use them ingame however you please.

You just should name & crop them according to this. But you probably know that. :)




Technically you should not even "have to" fix it, cropping should take care of it. But if you are fond of that extra head space...

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I might as well...  - deviantArt  -  Tumblr  -   Facebook

(warning: don't click, if you can't take evil, vile artists putting their name on their work.)

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Thank you Wespenfresser for your great Fanart. I'm currently playing a passionate female Aumaua Barbarian, using your lovely artwork as portrait for her. :)


Still have to create a Wild Orlan to accompany me, so I can have that cute fluffy thing around me all the time. :D

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Wow, all three portraits are of (sub-)races that are among my least favorite in the game, and every single one of them makes me want to roll a character for using the portrait! I'm sad to see the (weird) controversy and that it has (understandably) put you off Wespenfresser, but I'm very happy you posted your portraits here so I could find my way to your DA and FB accounts. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of your work, and hopefully you'll also post it here, continuing to inspire the community.

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The way the watermark is set and designed cripples sharing. If this was intended, it is well done.


Overall all of the custom portraits I have seen for Pillars have high quality and energetic expression. Good art work.




Cail The Silent- The drake coils its body protectively around something. "One day I will become a burning thing. Bright and terrible like my spark."
Quest "Cinders of Faith"
Sagani- Sagani chuckles. "Nothing against these stuffy forests, but you haven't seen the southern lights over Naasitaq."
Quest "The Long Hunt"

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Great portraits OP. You are very talented! 


To all those concerned about the watermarks, I have removed them in Photoshop for my own collection. Can't even tell they were there. I'd be happy to email the portraits without the watermarks to whoever would like them. I will not post them publicly, with respect to the artist. 

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