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  1. Stealth mechanics idea Blue arrow - indicates player's view direction Red arrow - indicates view direction of enemy A.I. (melee class) Green arrow - indicates enemy A.I. view direction (spellcaster class) Yellow arrows - indicate the chosen path of the character Let's say that quest is to obtain the central artifact in the deepest dungeon.This could be tough and noisy so player sends stealth character (or only character if soloing) to eliminate some of the enemy A.I. (mages if possible). Enemy A.I. is rotating around their z-axis and player needs to plan carefully when will stealth
  2. There was this project called Backspace http://www.polygon.com/2013/7/11/4515452/obsidian-backspace-mass-effect-borderlands-system-shock http://kotaku.com/a-sci-fi-skyrim-was-in-development-at-obsidian-it-ha-736060432 It has interesting concept art. What are the odds this is the next thing?
  3. This is simple mocap presentation and suggestion for dynamic level design in Pillars of Eternity 2. What The concept is: when player interacts with certain objects|artifacts|levers, parts of the map begin to transform some secrets could be hidden using this perception of the level (for example if player is in switch spot, somewhere else opens secret wall in the level ) this could be part of an environmental puzzle iteration process can have even more depth; for example turning the switch/lever again, level starts to change even further; than after final switch turns into starting state
  4. Does lore include travelling to another planes via portals beyond the world of Eora ? Something like worlds within the world.
  5. Skyrim > entering Blackreach Dark Souls > Ash Lake
  6. Was going to as well, then I read the min specs. I know Unity is a bit of a pig, but 6 GB of RAM seems a little excessive. So it'll have to wait until I replace my 10 year old (in ten days time) computer which will probably be Jan/ Feb when Zen is released. If it will use Unity 5.x, I think performance should be OK.
  7. Art style is beautiful. Are screens they've shown ingame ? Which engine is this ?
  8. Spiritual successor of Arcanum Some stealth fantasy fiction like Dishonored
  9. Thank you for your drawings, Buttercheese.
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