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  1. Unfortunately, I agree with most of the people here that this particular censorship was unfortunate. It seemed like a single person (or small group) completely misread a very basic poem. This speaks of the person's lack of intelligence, and reveals a psychiatric issue this particular person copes with. The poem was clearly about the character's shame of having slept with another man with the appearance of a woman. It merely displayed the false sense of masochism men are meant to possess, and the character's masochism was brought into question so he killed himself. The poem was very much on the side of any man-hater. Whoever started to complaint, and those who think the complaint was in anyway valid need professional help for the fact that they think they are always the butt-end of a joke or the centre of the universe. If there will be a chance for refunds, I'll gladly join in, considering it is the only way to fight against the insane minorities.
  2. Go for the GoG version as others have said. The steam platform is only beneficial if you are online.
  3. Amazing artwork! Keep up the good work. Will definitely consider the Orlan for a druid character.
  4. The lesson is to always stay away from 4chan, and just let the hivemind do its thing in the shadows.
  5. It shouldn't be later for us, right? Considering their distributor/publisher resides in the EU. I just wish I knew what kind of service they are using so I know if it is possible to track it, or when it will probably arrive.
  6. Can't wait to watch the entire documentary. Ever since I played The Sith Lords and Neverwinter Nights, I have felt like Obsidian was one of the few companies that deserved to continue making their brand of RPGs. I am really happy I backed them, and pitched in.
  7. Oh, I am not complaining. Merely lamenting.
  8. Honestly, it seems that the complaints you are making are related to the Baldur Gate games as well. That one is click intensive too, and lack a single bar for party abilities too. I can't say much about the combat system. Even though I played the beta, I am not as mechanically well-versed as some of the other members. To me it felt like there was enough strategy. And again, Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 weren't particularly strategic either. A lot of your complaints are in the game to evoke the memory of the old-style CRPGs.
  9. It could quite easily be an obscure hardware related issue. I haven't had a CTD in the Backer Beta, so far.
  10. Although I understand that it could be considered distracting, I really do enjoy the narration mixed in with the dialogue. It gives me the impression I'm reading a book accompanied with interactive visuals.
  11. Well even if ignore the fact that your post is more or less a complete strawman, I want to make it clear that I don't actually mind the idea of "area-loot" that much, provided it works largely like in Wasteland 2, where you still end up looting every individual enemy. However, the overall issue is that this is symptomatic of changes that many of us dislike, and when taking into consideration together with many other changes (infinite inventory, magical stash teleportation, infinigold merchants, etc) it greatly cheapens the game in areas that we'd rather see uncheapened. Again, the logical conclusion of this really is ARPG-like murderhobo assignment of gold coins, because if there is really no point in ever not looting something, and if all that chaff loot is just going to get vendored straight away to the nearest merchant anyway, and if I don't even have to trot over there to pick the stuff up, I really don't even see any point in why I should have to go to the merchant to sell these things, this nameless, faceless loot that is nothing but meat for the gold-grinder. It is not "the antichrist" as you so hyperbolic and strawman-y describe it in an effort to smear those that question the design decisions; it is merely yet another chip off off something great. Sorry to see that you felt attacked by it. I wasn't arguing anything, merely questioning how having to click on each individual corpse adds anything to a game. You've already confessed that by judging the screenshot you would skip a lot of the inventory - which I already said what most of the players probably did - rendering the loot graphics as mere clutter on the screen. My post was definitely not a complete strawman, as you tried to show off, because there are certainly some gamers who see things that way. If I was guilty of anything, I was guilty of generalising. I am not trying to smear those who question design decisions, because sometimes a design decision is a bad decision. In the case of area-loot, however, it seems to be just another complaint about how it is not like the IE-games. And yes, I used hyperbole. Isn't that a fair rhetorical strategy? You throw around verisimilitude like it is a word worthy of wielding - it isn't. And there definitely isn't anything that resembles immersion or authentic to real life about clicking - clicking - individual loot piles, while staring at a cropped window that contains a bunch of sprites.
  12. It is quite interesting to see the divide between people who a really enamored with the old-style roleplaying game that they can't fathom any change to be good. It is a shame that it isn't optional, but to herald the advent of area-loot as the antichrist is somewhat ridiculous, and extreme. I've recently played through Baldur's Gate 1 and 2, and in the progress of playing through IWD, and none of you can convince me you actually like that type of looting, and if you do, I will assume you've only bothered with looting specific enemies and never the trash mobs. The system is outdated, hasn't aged well, nor badly, but it needed refinements. I am pretty sure Pillars of Eternity will still have the nonsensical encounter balance that the old IE games have, at times. * That said, I am all for optional mechanics.
  13. Honestly, I don't mind waiting for the physical disc if I'm getting an alternative digital version I get to install on launch day. The biggest reason I backed at this level was for the physical goods.
  14. And that suddenly changed my whole FFVII experience for the better!jk - I still find it horrible But I'm not interested in arguing - if someone enjoys that kind of story telling then why should I tell him otherwise. It was never about arguing really, there was simply nothing in the story to indicate romance. It is a much stronger narrative if people realise Tifa is doing her best to make Cloud remember, including an attempt to replicate past infatuations. But she is really nothing more than his best friend. Aeris's interest stems from the fact Cloud imitates a part of Zack's history, her former boyfriend. She quickly backs off though once she realises they are two different people after all. Unfortunately, I don't think you can really replicate a good romance in a choice based game. Mass Effect romances worked in the same way onscreen romances work in blockbusters - both lack a little depth. Maybe the problem stems from the fact that players require a reward of some sort, or because games treat the romance bit as a reward
  15. Except that FF VII doesn't have any form of romance and has always been imposed by its fans. In fact, Cloud is completely friendzoned.
  16. That's a really weird statement to make. . . Due to their touchpad thingies the steam prototype controllers seem capable of handling the type of gameplay similar to the Infinity games, but I doubt it will ever feel as natural as a mouse and keyboard setup.
  17. Lol, I fully expect PE to be a buggy and incomplete game. I would just rather it at least have a good character system so the least it will have potential for future expansion. I think there's a good chance the Shadowrun Returns modding community for example is gonna fall flat on it's face because of the horrible and boring character system which didn't use the tabletop rules. Also I have no doubt the second city will get cut, and/or the megadungeon will also get cut in half. How is d20 "not their own ruleset", there's been plenty of original rulesets which use d20 as a basis, doesn't mean they aren't original. Numenera is using d20. My problem with PE mechanics goes far deeper than just d20 or even D&D, it's fundamentally that the system is not going to be using traditional dice-rolling under the hood for rolling to hit or make saves. It's gonna be real-time yeah but it's not going to have combat rounds with each character has their own "turn" of 6 seconds. ie when playing PE, it's not going to feel like playing an IE game in terms of combat flow, it's going to feel like a squad-based RTS or Action-RTS (they also call em MOBA's). It's fundamentally about making a system which is familiar to IE players, not about being dogmatic to D&D (even if D&D or OGL is what I'd prefer). It's simply about the fact that from all the mechanics/classes/combat updates we've got on PE, the combat is going to basically be an action-game, not "RPG-like" in mechanics. Oh well, their funeral, it'll piss off a lot of people. Numenera is not the same game which makes the comparison kind of moot, since they will try to adapt an existing tabletop ruleset for the videogame. I'm pretty sure PE will adopt a system that lends itself better to a computer game, rather than the DnD systems used before. I've played the Neverwinter games, Kotor games (which also use a D20 system) and recently started Baldur's Gate and the only fun thing about the randomness of the D20 system is a Wild Mage without chaos shield. The earlier quotes seem to indicate that they are happy to be able to ignore the bloat that comes with the D20 systems they used previously. Are you sure they won't be using any dice-rolls under the hood? I missed any information on their system.
  18. Actually I'm pretty sure you do say that. I don't think Sawyer is going to design Dungeons and Dragons: Ultimate Fixed Edition. I actually (gratefully) expect a deviation from strict adherence to D&D rules. I mean the depth and complexity of D&D, not the rules per-say. And it's not about strict adherence or even adherence, from all the mechanics updates of PE I have read, the system they are designing sounds nothing like D&D or how combat was resolved in the IE games. I simply think a system which was designed to be familiar to players of D&D computer games would of been more appropriate, instead of something totally alien to it. They made a Kickstarter which specifically mentioned Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment, what else did we have to go off? As I said previously I don't think "IE-like" means isometric graphics alone, graphics are completely cosmetic. And telling me to leave because I don't conform to a fanboy norm of a forum is pretty weak, I think a forum is exactly the place to disagree. I just think the conduct of OE in regard to the games they told the backers they were inspired by has been disrespectful, do you think the IE games had nothing to do with D&D or something? I think OE are deliberately distancing themselves from backers (because they already have our money, duh) and are looking at making PE more appealing to a broader audience than just Computer RPG players. Trying to get rid of "unviable builds" in chargen, no dump stats, so anyone can get through chargen with their eyes closed and still end up with a character that doesn't suck... making so all weapons (even ranged) always hit in combat. I'll guarantee you also that PE will have none of the fantastically powerful creatures from BG, you won't have Basilisks that can petrify a character in a single glance, because that wouldn't be balanced and all that. But the kickstarter also explicitly stated that they were going to use their own ruleset, rather than a D20 one. It was a very fair statement to say that it was going to be an isometric RPG in the vein of the IE games. In fact, judging from the screenshots they've released, it is an apt description. They haven't misled anyone during their kickstarter.
  19. In terms of horror, I hope that Project Eternity's take would've some semblance with the idea of the uncanny, effectively used in Gothic Novels, etc.
  20. Since they appeared more attractive as well as socially apt. But that kind of depends on your definition of ultranerd I guess.
  21. Co-Op/Lan worked for Baldur's Gate and the other games. It would be a good extra option for players who enjoy their videogames with more than one.
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