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  1. I assume, we will just have to wait. From what I understand, the standard physical backer edition will only be send out, once the discs are finished. So, unless there are news on that (or you have other physical rewards), just ignore the "shipping soon".
  2. @Mebahell Thank you! Sure, feel free to use them ingame however you please. You just should name & crop them according to this. But you probably know that. @Mansen Technically you should not even "have to" fix it, cropping should take care of it. But if you are fond of that extra head space...
  3. On that grounds, we should can law enforcement, morals, basic decent behavior and everything else too. Let's not even try to do anything right, or teach people to..because you can never fix everything. Because people do what ever, all the time. Sorry, .... but no deal! I am really beginning to wonder, what kind of "creative commons" you are talking about. I used to think you are talking about "free" licenses... but that can obviously not be it. As far as I know, those -do- feature the decision to allow changes or not, and also „attribution“. As in giving credit to the creator. ... It's not like I -asked- to have discussions about this stuff. I just meant to share some paintings. I did not know, people would attack me or that basic human decency is something terrible and alien here. It's not really like I asked much of people, behaving more or less decent would work just fine.
  4. I've been wondering that too. But I suppose if it does really bother me, I could still fix it later. Still, how staggering is staggering?
  5. Well, it would be a little better without feeling, like it's being pushed in my face and I am being told I have to like it... I am around, after all. Thank you. A question though, is there a way to edit my original posting of the pictures here in the forum, so that the Issue is a little bit clearer? It probably won't help, but I'd still like it to be as clear as possible. I fear the original posting is not as clear as it should be. I only have one. I did plan on more, because I like them. But then..things happend.:/
  6. I expect people to show some general respect/be fair. That means, when re-posting it, they should give credit and not crop my name. I am really not asking much here. If you are just personally using art in-game, you do not need to. But if you re-post it online, it's -at least- expected to post a link back to the artist. You may not be allowed to post it either way, but you at least try to be fair. Most of the time, that is enough. Cropping signatures/watermarks is usually not appreciated, especially because people are often unable or unwilling to understand, that giving credit is important. I am sure you can imagine, that if a piece gets re-postet without any indication as to who the artist is, that just continues like that. And at times, that even makes it really difficult to find the artist , even if you try. Funny, other people accused me of the watermark being to intrusive. I actually intended them to be cropped and used in-game, I just asked them to not be reposted like that. While I appreciate, that you state you just edited the stuff you do, It's problematic anyways, to do edits of peoples art, without proper permission. Still, it's always better to at least -try- to give credit.
  7. I am not upset about people using them in-game, I am upset because my wishes and rights are freaking disrespected. Because people want to use -everything- at their leisure, but usually it's too much work for them, to even give freaking credit! I put hours-over-hours into my portraits, and it's apparently too much to ask, that people do not post them cropped and link back to me. I have just been told in another thread, that I have -no right- to write my name on my freaking work, and that my rights just don't matter. And this just adds to it. So I have all right to be angry.
  8. Did you do that or did someone else? I think I made it pretty clear, that I do not appreciate my work being posted cropped or without backlink. (Not that I should have to.) This is essentially both. Aside from obviously no credit being given to any of the other artists either. But it's pretty obvious, many people here have no respect for artists , their work, or their rights, whatsoever.
  9. 1. People have -complained- about using them cropped. So no matter how I am going to crop them, it would still be wrong. -> which by your logic means ,they will mess with it anyways. No matter what I do. 2. If I can not write my name on it, because "someone will cut/overpaint it", then I can NEVER write my name on anything. (that goes for traditional work too, if it leaves my hands.) 3. People can -always- get rid of watermarks. No matter how prohibitive, and how much they mess up the piece in the progress. This is actually a difficult subject, even for artists. If you think this is ****ty, picture how ****ty it is for us. We are -not- doing that just to mess with you! Though considering the kind of disrespect that has been going on here, I can not really "blame" people using really "all over" watermarks anymore. I am usually shy and don't want to bother people. I just put my name on things. I know I should do actual promo, but I usually don't, because it makes me feel uncomfortable. In contrast to specific mods, pictures are not "bound" to the game. I sometimes think pictures are often considered -especially- free game. Maybe because they are easy to mess with and well, "source: google". But, seriously? I see people here not giving credit at all, and considering the disrespect and accusations I got here...why would I believe these are good, well meaning people that usually give credit? The sad thing is, I would have been open for compromises, if it had helped. Like placing my name somewhere else, if it really interferes. -That's- why I explained my thoughts behind it. I actually -before I posted here- briefly thought about releasing them properly cut as a .zip, once I have a few more of them(and the variants) and I am confident I won't make changes. You know, all naive, trusting people here won't just post them without my name on purpose. I am sure you can imagine how I feel about that now. (especially considering Luckmann did just that.) I do appreciate you being more tolerant on this, btw. Even though you disagree with watermarks. ----------- General Notice: I added links to my stuff in my sig. (Since I am a terrible selfish person anyways, I might as well.) In case I paint some new portraits (for myself), I will probably post them somewhere there. ->That does not mean, I won't post them here on purpose, but If I don't, chances are they show up there at some point. Also I occasionally paint some stuff, that does kinda fit some of the "special" races anyways. That I obviously won't post here. I mean, imagine the hate then? As for other portraits, chances are I won't do any more for now. Unless maybe I am asked for commissions (and am allowed to do them.) My motivation to just "do some more" like "for you" or because "hype&over-motivation"... is just at a real low due to this.
  10. @IndiraLightfoot Thank you! I hope it works as intended? And ...yes, my names does. How did you know? @MalekithI'll have to see, if I get anything done before release. This obviously was draining and gave my motivation quite a hit. @Cyseal I am not sure what you are referring to. Are you looking for a painting/drawing Tutorial in Gimp...or what is going on? @ashtonw Oh! I just wanted to ask if you are doing a nature godlike... I think I saw the horned wip- version somewhere! I remember it looked quite unique and cute with her face structure and all. Also pretty dark skin. No worries, you have a solid base, I'm sure you can spice it up quite a bit! (Also, it should not be hard to beat my Godlike in that regard, he's kinda....bleak;)..) Considering all this mess, posting (even a Wip) with like...all ze watermarks:D You are obviously not scared at all~ XD @critique I know . her face just got...way to "soft" and all. I can imagine some fixes, but I am not sure I'll tackle them before release. (It's boring work..) If I actually play her I might, though. Thanks~
  11. Hm, the pic I found was maybe half that big. But seriously, a little bigger than 210x330 might be nice for that, but THAT big would be kinda unnecessary. I can not confirm that. Hardly anything worse than laggy Photoshop. Or stuck Photoshop.DX
  12. I don't know...I think I saw a huge version of Eder flying around. That one might have been a little too big to enjoy. On a side note though, I actually intended to post my portraits a little bigger than this. :/
  13. @ryukenden I made two of them essentially for myself. Because I intend to play those characters. The other one is just for fun. Posting them here was more of an afterthought. Well aside from the fact, that I tried to fix them up a little more before posting. Because that is simply what I do, when I post stuff. I meant to make some more after that point, which would not have been for me. I do not agree however. I don't think "improving the image of the IP" has to be a concern at all. There is a lot of fanart , that I really doubt would improve the image of the original IP. But that's -why- I put that stuff up there! I usually put it in the right-bottom corner. But the way I tested it, up there seemed to interfere less with the properly cropped portraits. I did originally intend to additionally make a little more convenient version, but it just didn't seem any more convenient after that. @Sensuki I tried to explain -why- I did only post this one version. Yes, it is important for me, to have my name on the versions that are floating around online. But , from my perspective, it has to be cropped anyways, and the last test I did essentially cut off the watermark . Your friends just jumped from that, to accusations of me taking some sick pleasure from preventing people from using it in the game. That's just ****ed up. If that is my mistake, then I am at fault for..what? Not cropping it properly for people? That just makes it weirder, since the fact that cropping it -cuts of parts- ...and that was stated as the horrible issue. That's something I would have done anyways. So my mistake it showing you bigger, un-cropped Versions.
  14. I am quite aware that those are easily removed. That is why I don't do anything more obstructive, because if someone -really- has ill intentions, it does not matter. (unless I want to ruin my paintings fully) I usually trust, that most people just want to share stuff. That is another reason -why- I put my name on there, because they likely wont remove it, and are simply to lazy or clueless to post proper links. Now would you -please- take them down again.
  15. Nah, people ask very, very rarely. And if they do, most -as usual- expect it to come really, really cheap. Or ...wait...you mean like here? Thanks for the text. I mean, really. I tend to only be active in very few places, and not anywhere non-art related, so this kind of reaction is completely foreign to me. Kinda makes me regret posting them here at all. @3D-stuff I get the picture.:D Blender ftw. Strangely enough I kinda like poly-by-poly modeling in blender better than sculpting(in zbrush, sculptris or blender itself). Sculpting just turns everything I do into ...boneless-mudpeople. The things with the screens are cintiqs, it's not like that's necessary though. Also there is traditional art too. (Or so I heard:P) @portraits You must have awesome cropping skillz! No seriously, aside from the watermark ..I did not indent for them to be used "as is". I myself intended to crop them quite a bit. I just painted more, in case I had to slightly move them for better composition. (So I would not have to fix the holes then.) You disgust me. But I assume, that might be what you intend. Seriously, if there had been like -actual- problems which cropping them properly and I had just been asked nicely, I probably would have even offered assistance. But, considering that I am apparently expected to not crop them at all, I guess even if I had supplied perfectly game-ready versions, that would still be wrong.
  16. This is a mess. Thanks, both of you! That's a real shame, I really like them. Especially Aumaua and Death Godlikes. I essentially like all of them though. I am really glad you include races like that! I don't know. Yours seems to be more about posting stuff, this is apparently just about my stuff and philosophical discussions on watermarks/signatures... Unintentionally. It would be nicer if there would be links back to the artists though.(In your thread) I think if you are against "hoarding" it might be more problematic, that I don't post much of what I do...but that's for other reasons. But aside from that, that's some kind of weird philosophy-thing. "start losing the ability to create more" because of... writing my name on it? Realistically, what takes away from my ability to create more(very literally), is this discussion. :/ I am not confident in people giving credit. Also I am not confident in people knowing how to reverse-image-search. I don't like not being easily able to find the scource of pictures I like. I am a horrible person, for causing some inconvenience, in the use of something, I -didn't even have to freaking give you-. I made those essentially for myself, I posted them here too, because I though they might be of interest to you guys. Thank you.<3 You have the right to do that under fair use. Please do, people would only benefit from it. Plus, the author isn't against it in the first place. That's your problem. Considering they -for all I know- don't have the proportions the game uses, that might be kinda difficult. I don't know in what lawless country you reside, but where I live cutting artists signatures off is probably not part of the exceptions to copyright. At least not, if you intend to post it online like that. And that -is- what I am opposed to.
  17. Thank you! I really appreciate the encouragement Yeah, it's pretty down. I have a tumblr, but I'm not that active. Most of my stuff is on deviantart. I probably should post some more interesting stuff, though. Thank you<3 Depends on the payment. In general yes, of course. Though, if it would feature something PoE specific, I might have to ask if that's actually okay. (I don't usually do fanart, because reasons.) I don't feel like a company.... But no, I would expect them to crop them, as they would have to anyways, if I am not going to supply 2 different smaller versions. What kind of program? I tried some 3D before, but I didn't get too far ..to much time in between. (made some interesting tests, but never anything finished i think.) Well you could learn it... Those are the ones I care most about anyways. I can't quite visualize the personality right now, but that might be a good thing. Have you posted something about the start of the game making that non-discussing problematic? Or was that another slave-person(errr)? I have no idea were I red that, just reminded me of it. Don't get your hopes up. I just had to google "wild-eyed" and now I might never sleep.... (Well, it's 6:30am anyways..) Guy or girl though? It's a compromise. I mean, I obviously don't want them to have it in-game... I just never post stuff without my name on it. The only difference is, that I put this "up there" instead of buttom-right corner. Neither is crop-resistant, this just seemed more practical for this purpose. Go! You can do it. Just don't post it around, please. (Should it not work properly, please tell me tough.) She. But yeah, kinda. I just always do this. It doesn't usually cause such a fuss. The logo is relatively new, I used to just write my name and the date on it. (I have a terrible handwriting.) Uhm...no. On all of these. O_o
  18. :D <3 I was kinda worried, nobody would like that one. Because...you know, orlans being fluffy. Is that 3d? Kinda reminds me of P:T. Thank you. I originally meant to crop them, and add something easier to cut off. But last time I -did- try to crop them, that stuff up there was cut off anyways. (It's up there to be less obtrusive.) I am not 100% sure that is still the case (might have to check), but it made that other exercise kinda pointless. Yes, I do not like posting stuff without my name, I actually don't like -other peoples- paintings without something to indicate their origin either... Especially considering hardly anyone ever bothers to give credit. However, saying that "it defeats of purpose of posting them in a community setting" is somewhat over the top, in my opinion. I mean, it might not be ideal, but seriously ..at worst that makes them non-portrait-ready fanart. That way it just sounds like it would make any signatures or watermarks disqualifying in a community setting....
  19. Thanks! :D What kind of character -are- you going to play? Thank you. Nope, I'd like to...but I am kinda flailing aimlessly atm. (Also trying to wrap up some other "project".) Add being really shy and awkward to having massive self-doubt, and you have my skills at self promotion. I mean, seriously, I meant to post here for days...and I nearly talked myself out of it again. Give in~ Playing human is bad for you, why don't you try some orlan? Just imagine the soft silky fur, and twitching ears... also racial discrimination... er, wait...
  20. Edit: If you want to share/repost these: PLEASE, share them like they are (uncropped) and link back to me! (http://wespenfresser.deviantart.com for example) DO NOT POST THEM ONLINE WITHOUT MY NAME ON THEM! You may also link to or reblog them from tumblr or facebook. Thanks. Hey guys! No idea where to post this, because it doesn't really fit anywhere.. Anyways, I wanted to paint some portraits for some time now, and I finally “found” some time. I have also seen some people making* some things that might have been custom portraits too, so...if any of you have some stuff to show, bring it on! (* making as in painting, possibly manips , not “google&crop”..I'm not fond of that, since people rarely give credit and often crop signatures.) So, here we go! Little disclaimer: They are not the same style as the default ones, and might be a little dark/contrast-y. Also not cropped to proper size yet. I sometimes didn't know which cues in the default portraits where intentional, and I might have ignored some on purpose. ( I'm dependent on what people are posting, I don't have the BB.) Just fluffy messing around and twisting some things to my taste. Might still fix some wonkieness. Aumaua Intended as first character. Probably cipher, aiming to get a big gun. Might still mess around with the skin pattern, but I like her. Death Godlike (Aumaua Bodytype) Currently fighting with the blue one over my attention. Intended as a Bleak Walker. I have some spare heads for him, some like the ones I saw, and then ones that make him look more like one of my OCs. This is one of the latter. That's also why I rarely paint them though, black-on-black-on-black is just really hard for me to make readable. Wild Orlan The most fun one, just because. I like fluffy things. Made it a little more...you know, less hairy-person like, more.. cute? I still have a few unfinished ones, and I meant to try and make a little better poses for the one I play first. (I didn't mean to make any interesting poses anyways, but a little different wouldn't hurt.) Not sure If I'll find time, though. (I might have more time if I wasn*t taking hours to type this...DX DAAAR!)
  21. I think that's a great touch! Although it makes me wonder, if that is actually somehow referenced in-game..like having some impact on their culture, sayings or something. Or at least being somehow acknowledged in a minor way. And if that means, that orlans might prefer women to be taller. Or if that has any effect to their relations to other races or how they are viewed. There is a lot that could be done with that. It's kinda cool either way.
  22. For all I know, there is a manual for the physical versions. (80 pages or something?) So I guess, whether there is a digital version of said manual included with the digital copies, -is- a perfectly valid question. I would certainly hope there is. You know, in case the evil shipping lag hits me hard. Would be kinda sad, to only be able to read the manual after playing the game.
  23. Seems like nothing happened. Maybe trying to poke someone, with weapons that do crush damage, just isn't that effective..? The address and order thing seem to have changed, though. That's new, right? (blue info over the address thing, and a “shipping”-column on orders.) Or has that been there for longer, and I didn't notice?
  24. This isn't serious ..right? Please tell me this is not serious... Two female elves, with brownish hair. Shocking indeed. The only thing, that I think is actually similar, is the underside of the nose. :D Aside from that... I would judge the upper one, not only to be quite different, but also technically superior in -every way-. The anatomy is better, the design is more interesting, the lighting is better, the rendering is better, even the pose/composition is better balanced. Also freckles. So...what the heck?
  25. The blue guy is really nice. I have to admit I didn't like the Aumaua concepts much, but if that's supposed to be one ..I like. <3 The portraits do really have a certain Baldur's Gate vibe, although I think they are much better style & technique wise. I am assuming these are over-painted photos, right? (Would make sense.) Anyways, there are two little things I don't like about the portraits: 1. It seems like the nose in the “human-looking” portrait isn't properly over-painted. That makes it stick out a quite oddly. Similar problem for the druid, although more because it's a lot sharper/tighter than the rest of the piece. Draws my focus at least, and it's a bit odd to be staring at peoples noses. 2. I don't know if it's an oversight or an artistic choice (one that I can not quite comprehend)...but.. do the eyes have to be that dull/flat? It's most visible in the druid one. I think they're lacking some slight soft shadows and a crisper highlight. Maybe a colored one, for example blue like a sky reflection.(gives more contrast) It's not a huge thing, but it would really make them much better in my opinion. Just...you know. Swap the eyes and the noses...focus-wise. Please do not eat me, or "rain down death" on me.
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