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  1. Same here. Where are my physical goods, Obsidian / Paradox? 1.5 month since release and counting... "Shipping soon".
  2. It depends on the tier that a backer selected. For the $65 tier for example, it comes with a physical version of the game, and part of its tier on Kickstarter was to also come with a digital copy. Since we delayed delivery of the final discs, we gave all physical folks an extra Hero key so they could play on release. A number of people had already decided to give their extra key to a friend when they backed the game, so we wanted to make sure they themselves could play too on launch. If for some reason you don't see an extra key on your account and think you should, please contact us at support@obsidian.net and we'll be happy to help! Thanks, Darren Hi Darren, I don't see a Hero key in my Account either. I've backed with the physical 65 tier. Please advise. Thanks. PF
  3. Has anyone who backed the physical edition tier received their stuff yet? I live in the UK. Is there any ETA at all? In the order status it just says "Shipping soon" since release. Thought I'd ask before sending an email to Obsidian. Thanks.
  4. I just watched the backer beta footage from Gamescom. The gameplay looks good and I like the UI and background art, but the environments seem more static than I expected. I remembered watching this video from last year and being impressed with the dynamic water level, swaying leaves and day / night cycle. So I'm wondering if we should expect the final product to have more dynamic elements like the older video or were these elements not used throughout due to time/budget constraints? I don't have beta backer access so any opinions from first-hand beta experiences (or Obsidian replies) are most welcome! Thanks!
  5. Good stuff! Avoided watching the intro of the game because I hate spoilers, but saw the character creation segment and some combat. Looks pretty
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