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POSSIBLE SPOILERS Modding thread: A simple mod and Console commands


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This is a second thread related to modding, first one can be found here: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/69197-modding-thread-asset-editor/


So... Had some time to play with the console. I don't know if there's already a manual out there or what, I didn't find one, so here are some interesting commands that I found.
(Some of them will only work with the mod... more on that later)


1. How to add an NPC to party?
You need an NPC's id first. The way you do it is simple, you just need to be on the same map with the guy.
Type FindCharacter NPCname - for example you want to add Medreth to your party, you type "FindCharacter Medreth". You will see a few lines like NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man, etc, and one of them will be NPC_Medreth. This is the id that you need.
Now type AddToParty NPC_Medreth
And voila. Here Medreth joined the party:



2. Change zoom range
SetZoomRange minValue maxValue - will not change your current zoom, but will allow you to zoom really close and really far with the mouse wheel... try typing SetZoomRange 0.1 200
Then your max zoom will be like this (dat grass...)



And your max zoom out will be this:



You can input any values of course.


3. Force an NPC who is not a party member to walk somewhere
AIPathToPoint guid1 guid2 movementType
guid1 = it's the guy who you want moved. For example NPC_Medreth_Guard_Dwarf
guid2 = it's where you want the guy to go. You can give him anything you can find in FindObject or FindCharacter... You can give him TurningWheel(Clone) or NPC_Villager_Female_03 and he'll go there. He won't go if he can't reach that place.
MovementType = it's a number 2, 3 or 4... 2 = walk, 3 = run, 4 = sprint
Example: AIPathToPoint NPC_Medreth_Guard_Dwarf NPC_Villager_Female_03 2


4. Make NPC (who are not party members) fight someone
Same principle as with above, the command is AIForceAttack
Example: AIForceAttack NPC_Medreth_Guard_Dwarf NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man


5. Jump to another area
AreaTransition mapname guid
If you don't know any object's ID, just type in "Waypoint_A_1" (you'll land beyond the borders, but the area will load), and then you'll use TeleportPartyToLocation (described later in this post) to position yourself on the map properly.
Example: AreaTransition AR_0002_Dyrford_Tavern_01 Waypoint_A_1
The list of all areas: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/poe-areas.txt
By the way, instead of long names, you can just use the corresponding number of the area from the file.
Most of them don't seem to be in the game right now. But when you attempt to jump there, you will see a picture of the area (which is unique for each area). For example, trying to jump to AR_1015_Od_Nua_Dragon will yield you this picture:




Here are the 16 loading screens that I found in the game files: http://imgur.com/a/wzxvj#0


6. Unlock an area on the world map
WorldMapSetVisibility mapname visibilitytype (visibilitytypes are: 0 = locked, 1 = unlocked, 2 = hidden, 3 = developerOnly)
Of course it's useless to unlock areas that aren't supposed to be drawn on the map, like some caves.
If the name of the area indicates it to be outdoors, you can try it. For example: WorldMapSetVisibility AR_0301_Ondras_Gift_Exterior 1
Here's a screenshot of a few of them unlocked:




7. Deal damage to anyone
Same deal as before.
DealDamage ID value
Example: DealDamage NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man 200


8. Kill anyone
Example: Kill NPC_Medreth_Guard_Man


9. HealParty


10. Open container (ignoring lock)
Open chest_01 true
-- didn't try this one, didn't have a locked chest near me, so it might not work


11. Hire an NPC
OpenCharacterCreationNewCompanion cost endingLevel
The first parameter represents how much it will cost if the player completes this companion.
The second one stands for what level the companion will be.
Example OpenCharacterCreationNewCompanion 0 8


12. Rest
Forces rest no matter where you are and no matter what your supplies are.


13. Make someone hostile
Example: SetIsHostile CRE_Boar_Animal_Companion(Clone) true
Example2: SetIsHostile CRE_Boar_Animal_Companion(Clone) false


14. Various teleports
TeleportObejctToLocation guid guid
TeleportPartyToLocation guid
TeleportPlayerToLocation guid
Example: TeleportPartyToLocation CRE_Boar_Animal_Companion(Clone)


15. Misc
ActivateStronghold - it will allow you to click on the stronghold button and open the UI
Screenshake durationValue strengthValue - example Screenshake 1 1
-- Shakes the screen with a certain intensity for a certain amount of time
SoulMemoryCameraEnable true (or false)
-- Gives you some kind of tunnel vision and everything becomes somewhat purple

Stronghold UI, not much to it:




16. The ones I didn't figure out:
ChangeWaterLevel (guid, single, single) -- probably didn't find the right guid for water... didn't look very hard, either
EncounterSpawn (guid) -- don't know what guid to use here
AddPrisoner (guid) -- It probably puts people in your prison, but there's no interface to check that.


17. Utility
AddItem itemname number - example: AddItem misc_troll_head 1
(the names of the items are the names of the files located in PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle)
GivePlayerMoney number
AddExperience number
AddExperienceToLevel number -- gives you enough experience to reach level "number"
Skill charname skillname value - example: Skill player stealth 10 (player is what you type in when you mean your own character)
-- example2: Skill Companion_BB_Rogue(Clone)_3 stealth 10
(AttributeScore charname attribute value - doesn't work currently)
AddAbility charname abilityname - example: AddAbility player Defender
(the names of the abilities can also be found in PillarsOfEternity_Data\assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle)
AddTalent talentname
(same here)
AdvanceQuest questname - didn't try
(not the same as with abilities and items... the name here is something else, but it's too boring to look into)


18. Create a creature

BSC creaturename bool (0 for friendly, 1 for hostile)


For now, the only names known are the file names starting with "cre_" in assetbundles\prefabs\objectbundle

So for example to spawn a friendly "Obsidian Wurm" (it's an animal companion), you type:
BSC cre_wurm_obsidian_pet 0


For a hostile druid cat:
BSC cre_druid_cat01 1


A few screens:







Now that's about it for the console. Like I said, some of those commands require you to install a simple mod. You can download it here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/62420848/simpleMod.v1.zip

Extract the file and put it into the "Pillars of Eternity - Public Beta\PillarsOfEternity_Data\Managed" folder.


What does this mod do?


1 - Moves the level cap from 8 to 12. This unlocked 5 and 6 level spells for my mage, so it unlocks spells for all classes, but as for abilities, I don't know, I only play mages.




2 - A certain camera fix. Removes the functionality that centers your camera on the place where you double clicked the ground. Sensuki found it annoying, so I removed it for him. It also restores the functionality that centers the camera on your character if you double click on their portrait.


3- The circles for neutral NPCs are now blue instead of green. This was also done on request by Sensuki. This way, in our opinion, the game looks more IE.




4- Adds commands that I added for myself. The first one, I've already described it above, it allows spawning creatures.

There are also these, but I don't think you will be needing them:

PrintComponents guid - you get all the components found on an object

PrintFaction guid - prints the character's faction

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IE Mod for Pillars of Eternity: link
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O.O how awesome are you Obsidian? (Oh, and you Bester as well!)

These things look great! I'm going to not explore this venue though, because I want to finish the game at least once or twice before looking into this (too much spoilers). Shouldn't this thread be in Widgets and/or have a

tag in the title?

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You might want to put a spoiler tag on this or hide the pictures for people who don't want to see anything more than what's in the actual beta (I know I didn't). :p


Awesome work though, will be cool if modders can hit the ground running once the full game is out.

Listen to my home-made recordings (some original songs, some not): http://www.youtube.c...low=grid&view=0

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i’m not modding games but i would like to ask the moderators to create a sub-forum for the modding community for PoE. There’s already several modders on this board and suggestions to the beta could be improved i think. I think it's never too early to start, why wait until after release and not begin with the beta (in a separate forum)?

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Hey everyone,


We don't mind if you look through this stuff on your own machine. I would like to ask if you could please not post any screenshots of content not in the BB until the game ships. Do not post screens here or anywhere else - they tend to get circulated on google and we don't want to spoil anything that we don't want to show yet such as Armor, Weapons, Load Screens, Maps, Strings, Creatures, etc.


Thank you!

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Follow me on twitter - @adam_brennecke

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Hey everyone,


We don't mind if you look through this stuff on your own machine. I would like to ask if you could please not post any screenshots of content not in the BB until the game ships. Do not post screens here or anywhere else - they tend to get circulated on google and we don't want to spoil anything that we don't want to show yet such as Armor, Weapons, Load Screens, Maps, Strings, Creatures, etc.


Thank you!

The armor sets look great btw!!!! nice work

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Two new things.


1. Figured out how to make a custom options page and fill it with custom options (and they're saved between plays and can affect the game as per their description). This should be useful when people start making mods.




2. Made an in-game GameObject hierarchy browser and components inspector. This is very useful for figuring out what goes where, has what components, has what values, etc. Used to take hours to properly inspect certain things through debug. Now it's instantaneous. Can toggle gameobjects on/off to see if you're on the gameobject that you think you are. Will probably make components' fields editable in the future.



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IE Mod for Pillars of Eternity: link
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