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Planning for the expansion pack

Expansion packs and DLC  

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  1. 1. Do you want DLC/expansion pack content to take place during the main game storyline or take place after?

    • During the game... (Tales of the Sword Coast, Shivering Isles)
    • Post-game... (Throne of Bhaal, Mask of the Betrayer)

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My only request for any DLC or expansion packs: that it take place *after* the main storyline is completed. I've come to really dislike DLC that adds all this cool stuff during the main game which I've almost certainly already played and beaten at that point. I always felt like I "missed out" by playing the game right at launch. I'd rather new content that serves as a sequel of sorts - whether full on to the main plot or simply "the further adventures of". That way I can enjoy the game in all its fullness, while knowing that everything that comes after adds on to the world and story that I will have already experienced.

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This is kind of misleading because even with Tales of the Sword Coast you weren't required to replay the game. In fact.

"If the player has already finished Baldur's Gate, the game presents the option of loading a save game which places the player character (and party) in Ulgoth's Beard. Ulgoth's Beard acts as a hub for the new quests introduced by Tales of the Sword Coast."

From the Wikipedia.

I remember doing this when ToSC came out too.

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From what I hear, if the original game doesn't contain any data for upcoming expansions, it gets really hard for the game from different expansions to ineract from unanother. IE, perks from one NV expansion wouldn't effect how the player wields weapons from other expansions. So, I'm thinking that instead of releasing the game on schedule, they should delay the game for about a year so they can get all the data they need into the vanilla version so that all the expansions can be integrated seamlessly. Then, instead of downloading the whole expansions, we can just download a code to unlock them, saving vast amounts of time.

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In BG1, the "expansion" areas were optional and you could load into the expansion areas after you finished BG1 main campaign.

Or you had the option to play the expansion areas with the rest of the game.

I perfer this kind of option. Unless the expansion is suppose to be a continuation of the main storyline.

It all depends on what they plan for the expansion.

Frankly for me it's too early to tell.

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This is an interesting question. I had similar feelings with Mass Effect, probably because there was a definitive and linear story progression. It made no sense for my party (some of which have no more obligation to be with me after the story) to continue going on adventures after the end. Or worse, when the "extra" adventure was supposed to occur temporally between the beginning and end of the game.

In BG I didn't have that feeling; there's no particular reason my group would want to stop adventuring simply because I finished my goal. The BG story was ultimately centered on the protagonist and his personal story; it felt epic, but in a different sense than "I'm Shepard and I'm going to save the world." epic. It speaks to a different type of story that the possibility of continued or alternate adventures exist after or during the main game. That it is an epic personal story, compared to a grandiose impersonal story.

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I prefer expansions to take place after the game. I think it's because I expect an expansion to carry out a whole new grand story so I want it to be completely distinct and stand alone from whatever is going on the first game. If it's the dreaded DLC I expect it to just expand the world a little bit so it makes more sense to fit in with the original campaign.

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I like the idea of post game because they could travel to a completely new place and take part in a totally different story. Moreover, they can have the xpac serve as a bridge between the sequel and the original if this is done in this way.


Also, PE already sound outrageously huge. 2 main cities, a 15 level dungeon, bg1 like expore zones, etc.. Adding more to that may not be the best move.

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Not much a fan of DLC, but since this is a full-on expansion (and I already bought it)... I do agree post-game seems to make the most sense. And probably feel most refreshing, which is what I think an x-pack should do...




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The third option would be a mix: some new content and features for the original game plus some level expansion and new areas. Stuff the designers want to add, but lack the schedule time to fully implement. I'm sure it'll be fun.

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I am missing third option in the poll, I would like an expansion where you continue after you finish the main game, and you get new stuff for another playthrough as well. Like new Class, new Race, new Companion etc...


The best example of this is the Mask of the Betrayer expansion...

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Another vote for Both. Main content takes place after the base game, but plug an area or two into the base game and scatter a few questgivers around the world to make people want to replay first.

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The team definetly said it was going to be a proper expansion (set of expansions!!!) coming out roughly 6 months after the original game. So I believe it will be a proper stand alone adventure/set of quests etc, with new areas and dungeons to explore, but with your high level characters to bring along to the party !! So expect some real mean ass baddies and monsters to defeat.

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