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  1. Bit of a necro. Played through with a paladin and a ranger before finding that I was happiest with my potd aumaua fighter. After carefully developing a dual spear wielding supreme peasant weaponmaster, I realised that fighters can reach unbelievably brutal highs, that I couldn't even come close to on the other classes. For months now I've considered fighters to be THE best class in the game
  2. Aside from Samara's ENORMOUS and generously exposed bosom. Which I found tacky, since, as you say, she was not a sexually driven character in the slightest. I think that was added either to emphasize her motherness, or as a compromise with Morinth, since they had to look identical.
  3. My favourite enemy, by far, is Kreia. But I also love visionaries, like Ozymandias from Watchmen or Hugh Darrow from DX:HR, who are menacing without being scary or even evil, and who are brilliant futurists and have vast scale plans. I feel they are underrated and underrepresented. Joker can suck ****
  4. I would have named 'elves and dwarves', but alas, it is too late for that. A trope I don't want to see is perfect looking females who are almost exclusively mages/clerics. Short ugly berserker women please! I really liked Aveline from Dragon Age 2 and Samara from Mass Effect 2 because they had no sex appeal. It never got into the way of their personality, and I think it is a very humane and decent approach. Also, undead. Ghosts and liches are okay. Skeletons and ESPECIALLY zombies are not!
  5. I've never been as interested in deities as their servants or messengers. Like Hermes, or angels, solars, whatever. I think they add a dimension to the mortal-divine interaction that is often overlooked. I'd find it more intriguing if the gods themselves were distant, even uncaring, rather than having them treating the realm as their sandbox.
  6. Are you serious? Still haven't updated the dungeon art? You didn't notice how many of us were asking for it?
  7. The only thing I'm disappointed in PE, is that they decided to include elves and dwarves. I mean.. seriously. It's 2012.. WAY too late for those two races. I'd rather have two cities mainly populated by humans, as long as the writing and content is consistent and natural. A politically correct utopia of interracial harmony just sounds wrong.
  8. What I want to see is a mix of Durlag's Tower and Diablo. In the sense that you can play either way. I want the choice, that you can either fight your way to the bottom, to defeat the main badguy (Valsharess Belhifet the Diablogorgon).. or you can spend time trying to figure out the real mysteries and secrets of the place. And there had better be ALOT of mysteries and secrets. Durlag's Tower is my favourite dungeon of all time, but it lacked in shortcuts.
  9. Free senseless exploration really makes the game world feel much more alive, and you will always have the feeling that there's still alot of things undiscovered. I've played through Baldur's Gate 1 dozens of times, but I have never EVER felt like I've found out all, or nearly all of the content. And as a contrast, The Mass Effect or Dragon age games. After two playthroughs, I felt like I had done everything.
  10. Won't vote for anything until I finish the story and see what would fit.
  11. Baldur's Gate had incredibly memorable characters. Companions who I never picked up for more than a few minutes have been stuck in my head for over 10 years. Ok, Yeslick, Dynaheir and Mazzy were pretty dull.. And I have yet to hear of anybody actually USING Tiax, Quayle, Alora, Skie or Eldoth. But they definitely had alot of character, considering how little they actually talked back then.
  12. Some, not much. The only thing I'm against is choirs. ESPECIALLY the big, cheesy, robust faux-latin trailer music choirs. I think the most epic music creeps under your skin, surprises you and even scares you. Making things bombastic (through said choirs) I think is a cheap and unoriginal approach. So I hope there will be alot of mysterious, atmospheric tunes.
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