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Bring Back Cool Incantations for Spells a la BG/IWD

Do you want to see a return of BG1/IWD style incantations  

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  1. 1. Do you want to see a return of the BG1/IWD style incantations?

    • Facio, Voco, Ferre! (Yes)
    • No

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DEFINITELY do this again for spell casting


Icewind Dale & Baldur's Gate Spells


1) Illusion: "Veritas, Credo, Oculos" = "The truth, I believe, with my eyes"


2) Alteration: "Praeses, Alia, Fero" = "Protecting, another, I bring this forth"


3) Necromancy: "Vita, Mortis, Careo" = "Life, and death, I am without"


4) Divination: "Scio, Didici, Pecto" = "I know, for I have studied, with my mind"


5) Abjuration: "Manus, Potentis, Paro" = "A hand, powerful, I prepare"


6) Evocation: "Incertus, Pulcher, Imperio" = "Uncertain, beautiful things, I command"


7) Conjuration: "Facio, Voco, Ferre" = "This I do, I call, to bring you forth"


8) Enchantment: "Cupio, Virtus, Licet" = "I want, excellence, allowed to me"


The spells probably won't have schools, but it would be cool incantations like these were used in this game. The BG1/IWD ones are the best from any game IMO.

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Perhaps they could implement a simple phonetic system that gets re-arranged based on the spell? But even a murmored buildup to the spell release would be good.

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No, I hate latin, or any languate I don't understand.


Jokes! Of course, duh. That stuff was great. If they don't, well that's okay too.


Actually they could have the caster say, "BURN INTO PIECES!" when casting fireball. What you guys think of that? Cool, yeah? ;)

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But do we know if this world's magic uses a semantic component?


Would be neat though.


Perhaps but, if I were a mage and my magic didn't have semantic components, I'd still say something awesome. Just like Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction before he blows someone away. He didn't *need* to have that dialogue but the movie would have been poorer without it.


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Absolutely agree with this suggestion. Incantations just make magic being cast feel more impactful to me.

It's also a nice aural cue in BG1 and 2 and could work as one again in Project Eternity, when you entered a new area ,even before having really accessed the situation, and you heard a chanting like "Praeses, Alia, Fero" you knew that there was a mage with the enemy.

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I sure would like that.

I love what has been done as vocal command mod for Skyrim Dragonshouts. Imagine having an UW or ArxFatalis with that!


However I don't think it would fit in P:E. So let's just have the PC and companions incantating their own!

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I think it should depend on the class instead of being 'schools of magic' specific. Almost exclusively because the power of your... anything, is soul related. Literally your soul powers whatever stuff your doing (mage or otherwise) so...I'd like to have some kind of magic caster who doesn't recite anything and just freakin' wills FIRE into being cause AHH FIRE! Know what I mean? I think a more mystic/priestly type person whos life revolves around ceremony and rites and all that stuff.. I could easily see them chanting, reciting lines for there spells as it helps them channel whatever.


But, to me, personally, a mage, or sorcerer... FIRE HAHAHAH FIRE. or whatever else they use heh. Fire's just easiest example. It's actually somethign I was always bummed by with Sorcerers in DnD. There general background fit more with how I view mages (or prefer them) but they still had to say words and wiggle there fingers around in specific patterns unless they used some metamagic stuff. So yeah I guess I'd want that to depend on the class involved, not to be just some universal 'all magics this way'.

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Yeah. I always liked the incantations. It's voice acting though.

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If they make voiceacting, I think it should be more character-specific lines (like someone said/or P:T: if a mage is a pyromanic, he can scream "FIRE, MUAHAHHAA!"), I think this adds more to the game than if they have to make same latin words for every companion in their own voice.

I myself didn't even know that the words did depend on magicschool and think it is quite silly to have every spell of the school done with the same words.

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