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Stretch Goals and Backer Rewards - What do you think?

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The playing cards mentioned in today's update look pretty impressive.


Still, I was a little surprised that the high end physical stuff tiers don't get the cards but still have to add on.


I know if I had pledged $500, which is meant to be the tier which gets all the physical goodies, (which is much more loose change than I can afford) I'd be a little miffed.


Still as a means of incentivising current pledgers to increase their amounts by means of new physical and digital goodies, has piqued my interest.


Also means the physical almanac, mentioned in a recent thread stands some chance of getting distributed.

Keep in mind that making physical rewards cost money so they can't get too crazy by putting too many rewards in one tier lest they blow all their Kickstarter money which happened to the Star Control one if I'm not mistaken. I'm happy with my $140 tier, a lot of nice stuff. Edited by Zap Rowsdower
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I'd like to see a series of quests that explore ocean travel and the limits of it. Maybe players are hired to protect a ship, it crashes and they are sent to the bottom of the ocean, etc. That, an underwater race, or a small questing area that's like vinland (viking america) might be nice.


Or the ability to pick a god and establish a church in their favor (although that might be better expressed as specialized strongholds).

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Late in, but I actually like everything offered.


Now get on and make the game please!



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"People dislike the popular because it's crap"


"HTH. Because it means I can talk down to you some more."


"I can do you a quote a day, but you'll have to pay. Preferably with suicide."


"You want original? Why? It's not as though that's ever touched your life before."


"A woman scorned is a fun thing. Let's boogie."

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If such a concept makes sense in this new world, exploring another "plane of existence" would be great (maybe too much for a single add-on, expansion maybe ?).


3 million dollar stretch goal make it a First Person Shooter pay to play MMO.


Haha ! Or a guarantee that Obsidian won't waste a single minute implementing any of the aforementioned features (or multiplayer).

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I'll go with pets here.

Otherwise, more companions, like, one per class, yup.


One of the previous stretch goals lets you make your own companions from each class. But they're not making 'character' companions for each class. They're only doing the ones they have a good character idea for. Heck, maybe we'll end up with more than two companions with the same class, with very different attitudes or playstyles.

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"1) Big Goals: A number of folks have suggested adding "big ass goals": Things like 3 or 4M stretch goals, but bigger in terms of scope. What kinds of things would you want to see that you think would motivate the community to invest more, and/or find more backers to get involved? (Besides mod tools or multiplayer)"


my choice would be: an option to choose a location from various ones (location would influence trade income/mining options and other resources, neighbours, etc), then build a city with castle and city walls on it, picking a style from 3-6 available ones for it, be able to get NPC-s settle in it, and invite them from other locations into it, gear up and train your own troops you could send out on patrols or place them as guards at world locations or even use them to take over camps/fortresses/cities in the world, and to make diplomatic and trade deals for the city-state/lordship


All these not from a trade/strategy game perspective, but from mostly an RPG one, with missions to expand influence, events like a royal ball or a diplomatic meeting, basically an aspect of powerful and noble families/characters which is barely touched by RPG-s today, and the surface of such things is barely scratched. Until now the games that came closest to something like this were made by Black Isle/Obsidian/Bioware (or maaaybe I might mention also that badly made Fable 3 which nevertheless allowed some realm RPG-like management), but there is still a lot that could be done in the area


I think this would fit the idea of "big goals" as it would be a big undertaking for the first time (then, in futue games it would be easier to continue to implement similar options)

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I'm not sure if the stretch goal thing is now over because the fund raising phase has ended (I dont fully understand Kickstarter yet, just recently learnt about it) - but I have seen many great suggestions on here as to which ones to go for, and some I personally am not so keen on - thats probably just me though.


Personally I think anything that makes the game more immersive should be paramount (considering we know there will now going be alot of content). High quality voice acting, realistic ambient sounds and orchestral musical scores would be a huuuuuge bonus in my eyes. I want to want to impersonate my NPCs and fondly sing the title screen music as I load up, "Baaa-baaaa, baa baaaa! Ba ba ba!


I have little fear these aspects will be neglected though. Just reinforcing it with my opinion :)

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