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  1. This is some seriously technical stuff being discussed here, waaaay over my head most of it, but very interesting none the less. Someone mentioned the back of the butcher's shop metaphor, but I think it's a good thing. Many of us gamers will learn a new appreciation of how much work goes into these games. Great update, some surprisingly fast progress being made and so far I'm liking everything I see and hear. Starting fallout2 for the first time tonight, wish me Luck
  2. I'm of the opinion that painted portraits are preferable to 3d or animated ones. A couple of small reasons. Firstly it sparks the imagination a bit, secondly animations could be a bit distracting making for an overly busy UI, and lastly it just feels right to me - more reminicant of say a fantasy book and in certain ways the spirit of D&D. Tis my humble opinion.
  3. One feeling I have about armour in RPGs in general these days is that there is too much of it. I want to hang onto an armour set for a while and enjoy it, maybe enchant it up slowly. I also have a growing aversion to crafting in RPGs which I feel is oft too time consuming, boring and undermines finding good items in dungeons etc. Perhaps the years of not so good RPGs have made me grumpy and impatient, tis a possibility.
  4. I'm not sure if the stretch goal thing is now over because the fund raising phase has ended (I dont fully understand Kickstarter yet, just recently learnt about it) - but I have seen many great suggestions on here as to which ones to go for, and some I personally am not so keen on - thats probably just me though. Personally I think anything that makes the game more immersive should be paramount (considering we know there will now going be alot of content). High quality voice acting, realistic ambient sounds and orchestral musical scores would be a huuuuuge bonus in my eyes. I want to want to impersonate my NPCs and fondly sing the title screen music as I load up, "Baaa-baaaa, baa baaaa! Ba ba ba! I have little fear these aspects will be neglected though. Just reinforcing it with my opinion
  5. First post on the forums, and let me start by saying this project is helping to restore my faith in PC gaming, and gaming in general. I have been pinning for a game like this for, oh I dunno, ten years perhaps. I only found out about PE by angrily typing "when will they make another RPG like the good old infinity engine ones" into Google after abandoning Skyrim about 3/4 of the way through. And how glad I am to have found this Kickstarter project. Hats off to this project for raising such a respectable sum to make the game - a true testiment to the continued existence of good gaming taste that I feel has been supressed for far too long by big money mentality. I almost shed a tear when I first watched that video on the homescreen. Hooray for 2013 and RPG gaming!
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