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  1. Axes Edge of Reason - Od Nua Level 13, on the guardian of Od Nua behind the talking door Sabre The Flame of Far Rhian - Od Nua Level 13, in a sealed room at the top right corner of the map. Only accessable if you chose to absorb knowledge after killing Maerwald Pollaxe Half-Mast - On Falenroed in the Black Marshes at the Temple of Galawain. You can make a deal with the master below to release it from the endless paths. It gives you an amulet that it fills with it's soul and asks you to place it on Falenroed. If you follow through with this Falenroed leaves but if you betray
  2. This game is running a class based system, not a skill based system. sounds a lot more like BG/IWD and we all know how well playing a pacifist would go in those games. just sayin
  3. I prefer 3D paperdolls on my inventory screen, reflecting what I'm wearing but on my "HUD" or UI or whatever I prefer nicely rendered 2D images. One of the reasons being the traumatic experience that was the most ugly conceivable head wear in the two Kotor games and the blank faced, low detail heads in NWN2, strong this
  4. 1. They aren't using D&D mechanics in PE. 2. Dungeons and Dragons Online has spell crits. And they are awesome. So don't rule out other mechanical variations on the basis of "that's how D&D does it". They might be cool. 1. Yes, i'm aware. 2. I imagine they are. Not ruling them out, i just was giving my perspective of how magical accuracy worked in the older IE games. It worked well, but i don't think it's the only way a magic system can work. The only aspect i really want (need) carried over is that different classes are stronger and weaker against different types
  5. Triple A means - Top end graphics Hours of cinematics Physics engine every word voice acted 3 different versions for xbox, ps3, and PC ^ don't need any of that ****. Eventually there will have to be a crowdfunded video game project which fails. Let's just hope it happens as late as possible and that the current "big three" - Double Fine Adventure, Wasteland 2 and Project Eternity - will do great and garner a nice reputation for Kickstarter and crowdfunding in general. http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2012/10/19/money-troubles-what-happens-when-kickstarters-fail/
  6. Reflex save, will save, fortitude save. <- your armor class vs magic. just like you had armor class vs normal attacks. only difference ins magic has no critical miss or hit. worked well to me.
  7. That was the worst part about the stream. All the white knighting made me want to puke. classy nerds reinforcing stereotypes.
  8. PS:T was the major hook i suppose. It sounds like this game is going to be more in line with Baldur's Gate, which is fine by me.
  9. I don't understand how so many people could be against exp for kills. This game is supposed to be similar to the IE games. That means exp for killing things. All this talk about exp for killing things making exp rewards unbalanced doesn't really make sense. You are playing as a class, a combat class. There is no merchant diplomat class. All of the classes have been described by the way through which they engage in combat. This isn't a skill-point based game like fallout. This isn't a game that (judging by the classes) will allow you to play as a pacifist. You aren't going to be able to
  10. And this is were Oblivion was going. Yeah, that worked out well... I think what he's describing is the kind of level scaling Morrowind had, which worked well. I would definitely not mind if that existed in PE.
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