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  1. 1. What the Player House feature should look like? Choose the variant that fits the best.

    • Baldur's Gate 2 style: class/race-specific stronghold with some side-quests attached;
    • Neverwinter Nights 2 style: one or two options, highly involved in the main storyline;
    • Morrowind style: several options, highly involved in different major, but not main, faction quest lines;
    • Fallout: New Vegas style: safehouses as a rewards from different factions, not much quests related to them, but they contain many useful things like workbench and allows you to store your goodies;
    • Daggerfall style: ability to buy one or more houses in almost every town;
    • Something like Liam's Workshop in Arcanum: just a free house involved in a small side quest where you can safely store your belongins;
    • Other, please specify in the comments.

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I would like a basic house as a reward. And we get to unlock upgrades to our house though spending gold or doing quests. From a small humble cottage all the way to a small fortified manor, fit for the Hero. Our house will have NPCs to provide services, so we can interact with our servants, we can live like a Lord.

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Drakensang: The Dark Eye in my opinion has good player house. In works as resting place for you and your companions, and you can storage you loot there, you can craft your paraphernalia there and it is big enough to rise your ego.


And it's sequel Drakensang: The River of Time has great player house also, but this time is boat what player uses to go from area to area. But it still has all same functions what house in previous installment had.


So if player's house is somewhat similar to those then I would be pretty satisfied, though it's not a stronghold :).


Other option what I am on favor is player's own inn which works as his or her homebase. In my opinion inn are just perfect and classic place to hear problems of the realms and start adventures. And you have good reason to take greater part of the loot as housing payment :).

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Maddas had a brilliant idea on how the player houses could work. Aside from that, total customization control would be nice, dependent on how wealthy you are of course, with the ability to find and/or build stuff like this:


I've been playing D&D for many years and you can certainly purchase a house, a tavern, a castle, even rent an apartment in a slum, a tent, any kind of dwelling you can imagine. The same is true in every other pen and paper roleplaying game I've played. You might play a homeless character, a traveler who goes from inn to inn, or perhaps you decide to play a character who rises up from humble beginnings to buy property in some fancy part of town, like the "Cloud District." It simply adds more RP choices, more ways to make choices and take actions you think your character would take, and something to aim for as your character seeks to accumulate wealth and become an important person in the game world.

I would also like quest involvement with the homes, of varying degrees, which don't necessarily have to be part of the main quest. Getting mail delivered to your home informing you of cries for help or a military summons or something, stuff like that.

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Reclaimed Dungeon!


In my mind it's something like Durlag's Tower from BG1. A big and imposing structure, completely run down and infested with monsters. You could attempt to clear it out very early in the game, but the monsters are more than a match for seasoned adventurers. So one it's free of monsters a second quest is triggered, that of gaining legal ownership of it.


After you've become the rightful owner you can start investing money in it to make it actually livable space. But what do you want to do with it? Maybe rebuild it into the stronghold it once was. Or rebuild that main tower, add a few levels and make the other wizards green with envy. Or, as a druid, let nature reclaim it on the outside. Or turn it into an inn and call it "The Friendly Arm Inn". Or perhaps your order would like to have a presence in the region? ... (now make up your own)


It also should be modular, so with plenty of different choices - some of them mutually exclusive. That would be a very nice and believable money sink to postpone the "I have more money than a kingdom" point.


And it should also open up new ways to solve quests in the world. A shopkeeper complains about the horribly high rent he has to pay the crime lords? Now you don't need to hunt them down, just let him and his family set up shop in your castle. You freed some slaves that are far from their homelands. Now you still could negotiate with a captain to bring them back home, but why not let them start a new life in your keep?

And once you got your nice, cozy, expanded and populated Grand Palace the dwarven engineer you hired digs and digs until he finally digs to deep ...

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Let's pretend Project Eternity has already reached it's $2.2M stretch goal

Pretend? It's a done deal, friend - yeah it will be! ;)


I voted Morrowind style because of the questing involved. Makes you really feel you've worked for the place; earned it.

A bit of Oblivion-style customisation would be pretty cool too.

Chronicler of the Obsidian Order; for the pen is mightier than the sword!

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Ever since that one poster created the thread about owning a bar/tavern/inn, that's what I'm now interested in. I think that would be a pretty cool way to also earn some more gold, as well as a built-in method of having people approach you to offer you quests.


I'd also be in favor of some sort of quest or storyline attached to the bar/tavern/inn I own.

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I do not want a race or class-specific house. I want to be able to customize the look and feel of it so that I can grow attached to it.


If my chosen race or class has a terrible looking house or choices of houses I wouldn't feel much connection with it and generally only use it as an item trove to store my crap and a cheap hotel to stash unwanted companions. It's not a home if you can't stand to even look at it.


I'd be happy with any system that doesn't arbitrarily decide what kind of house you get to live in based on race or chosen method of murdering people.

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I'd prefer a safe storage with benefits, like an cabin in the woods where the player might store items that would have to be gathered at the house to yield benefits. For example, assembling a library within your house which helps with lore check when within the house.


Or another example, gathering alchemy sets and ingredients so that experiments might be done without causing mayhem, after all, not everyone at the local town will like if you brew an explosive concoction within it's borders.

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