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  1. I can't disagree more. And if I want to play a full diplomatic character? A skilled thief that dislikes violence? A fine tactician that never fights in person? The problem is not being forced to choose between combat and non combat ablities. The problem is being forced to fight... I agree, I know some games have tried to do it with varying degrees of success but I think when I wrote that I was thinking more on the lines of BG2 where you pretty much have to fight, a lot. Perhaps in my example you could put your point into 1 combat skill, 1 non-combat or 0 combat and 2 non-combat? Sp
  2. Gibbscape, Yes in general I want more choice, like the 10+ dialog options in Planescape at times. What I don't want is, we need an evil response, a neutral response and a good response to every piece of dialog just because that is how we are doing this, oh and by the way all three of those dialog choices all lead to exactly the same thing. I am gathering they are going for a far more nuanced approach than BG/KOTOR had for morality and I'm confident there won't be a lot of that in PE. I think I am also talking about pacing in quests and story. I remember the classics having a steady
  3. First thanks and good luck Obsidian. Played the crap out of every inspiration game mentioned and I have my fingers crossed you can capture any of that magic again, even bought Alpha Protocol after bad reviews because I love what you guys are trying to do, New Vegas was ten times better than FO3 btw. Please excuse the late night tired ramblings of an overgrown boy Soldier stuck in Afghanistan but my connection sucks and am tired so I haven't read through every topic so I'm sure a lot of this has been discussed but I am super excited and want to throw my 2 cents in. Bad things about the
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