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Do you want this game to have puzzles, labyrinths and small challenges?

Puzzles, labyrinths and trials?  

291 members have voted

  1. 1. Do you want to have them?

    • Yes, I absolutely love them and believe they should be a part of any acomplished cRPG
    • I have no preference as long as they don't become a nuisance.
    • I don't like them and they are time consuming for developers.
  2. 2. How hard should they be?

    • I want very hard puzzles even if they cause severe injuries to my party and cause me to get stuck in the game.
    • I want to be able to beat them even if it implies severe injuries to my party.
    • I want to beat them with medium effort and (if necessary) medium injuries to my party (BG, IWD
    • I want to beat them with ease; these things should be for entertainment only.
    • All of the above depending on the area you're exploring.
    • A mix of choices 2, 3 and 4 depending on the area you're exploring. I don't want to get stuck in the game because of this.

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I am really expecting puzzles in PE dungeons, chambers... or to open special treasure vaults :grin: .


I quite miss them in nowadays RPG games, I am not to keen on just hack & slash games, IMO they finally get boring.

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As an avid player of point 'n' click adventure games, I advise against making puzzles too hard as they can infuriate you for hours unless you consult a walkthrough (which many refuse to do as they feel it cheapens the experience). Most adventure games have now introduced a "skip" option after a couple of minutes that wouldn't work in RPGs. The suggestion of skill-based ways to avoid solving the puzzle is good. Some people just aren't good with logic puzzles, even smart people.

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So my only option is "I want to beat them with ease; these things should be for entertainment only"


How about this option?

I wan't the puzzles to be challenging, but injuring characters is not necessary for making them challenging.


I'm feeling quite dumb right now, because I'm not finding the option to edit the poll options...

Project Eternity: Interactive/animated or descriptive? Check my poll and vote!

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  • 1 month later...

Voted for the BG/IWD style puzzles.


Was just thinking Trials of the Luremaster, that last dungeon if anyone remembers??

Now that was fun !!!


And also the Severed Hand comes to mind.

(Yes i love IWD :yes: )


I recently played a round of DA:O - There are some fun puzzles in there too :biggrin:


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Puzzles are good. I absolutely hope we get some labyrinths though. I would love to actually be able to get lost in some of the dungeons. Skyrim went way to far in streamlining the level design to where it was basically just a single path most of the time. That might be less fustrating, but it doesn't really feel like exploring. I would love to see some dungeons that make me draw a map.

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I want dungeons that actually stimulate the mind. All of skyrim dungeons were hacknslash a 3 year old can get through no problem. The game needs dungeons that use mechanics like falling floors that take you to places you do not want to go. And have the player has to struggle falling multiple levels to complete a electrical/magical circuit to get the elevator working on the main floor. The best way for the developers to achieve these kind of wacky labyrinth/dungeons is to NOT make their world so serious. Where everything by design has to make sense and be logical. Since this game is going to be high fantasy and not low fantasy like the dragon age games the developers can easily take the more crazy dungeon route.

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I like the challenge of a puzzle, but I don't want it to be something where I have to go to an external site to figure it out. A plot mission in X3: Terran Conflict forces you to solve a randomly generated sudoku. I am no good whatsoever at that so I had to plug it into a solver website (thank Eothas for the Steam interface having a built-in browser) and copy down the solution.


The puzzles should always have a way to bypass them at the expense of, say, reduced XP. Even better if the lost reward is commensurate with the puzzle. A sidequest in Mass Effect had a great version of this with the self-destructing AI. You could go through the hacking mini-game to shut it down, or you could just take an assault rifle to the mainframe's power conduit at the cost of the money the AI had embezzled.

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