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  1. This is one of the most ridiculous and unreasonable demands to game developers I have seen yet.
  2. Yes. if the only distributors for PC are companies you do not want to deal with or support with your money it matters a great deal what service you download it from.
  3. Sad news. I guess this is going to be first Obsidian game on PC i'm going to skip. Still undecided whether I'm going to buy timed exclusives even when they do come to Steam or really any other platform outside of Epic. Doesn't feel right rewarding exclusivity deals that way.
  4. It's not determined that much in advance. Somewhere between completing the last adventure and obtaining the new one, i'd guess. The Bounty quests are good for manipulating the RNG(save scumming) in order to get the Legendary adventures for example. They seem to advance multiple turns when returning them and you can return multiple at once to the same quest giver.. I did it in White March 2 by completing the first two bounties. Returning just two of them game gave me two new adventures and the second one wasn't determined before I returned the bounties.
  5. With all the revelations and knowledge you gained from the quest I kind of wish there would have been a choice To use the machine to empower yourself and become kind of like Thaos. The purpose being is that you have now found a new goal that you must pursue, destroying the gods for example. The gods maybe just constructs, but their power and influence is real. It would have been interesting if there was some sort of option to end that. At least that's what my personal choice would have been if at all possible. Obviously giving such choices would make it more difficult to consider expansions and maybe even sequels. I still kind of hope that the expansions can lead you to that path.
  6. Have to bring this issue back. The commentary at times(quite often actually) Is terribly placed. It can start when you have just entered a new map, but you are being ambushed by a group of enemies too. It's kind of hard to concentrate on the commentary when you are trying to micromanage your 6 man party and half of the commentary is drowned in the battle noises. Being ablle to listen to them while paused would be ideal.
  7. At least you have received your shirt. Living in Europe and ordering things from America by mail is a damn nightmare...
  8. No, no, no. Where are your priorities? - we need to start a kickstarter to hire a full-time voice actor to narrate the forums. I'm tired of reading through post after post, page after page. I want to be able to hear it all. Preferably from a VA who can do multiple voices to keep the personalities straight. A stretch-goal could include narrating the buttons too when you hover over them. 'More Reply Options' is just too much. I heard that microsoft sam is a decent voice actor.
  9. Oh, great. Now Satan is posting here (based on your avatar). Great job OP! One would think that people are used to pentagrams when talking about a game that has some historical relation to D&D :D
  10. What is the point of making a topic like this or any topic on a forum without even the intention of reading it? That's pretty much just trolling, without admitting it to yourself.
  11. Having dyslexia and lower than average reading, reading just fine. I Just take my time or just skim some parts that don't seem that important lore vise. The dialogue is section in small parts and it's interesting enough to keep reading it. I have to say though that I do appreciate the small voice acted sections. As for books I skim them by reading a line here and there and if they seem interesting I read the entire thing. Completely gave up on the backer NPCs though. Huge walls of text that pretty much share no connection to the actual lore and story. Nope just nope...
  12. As much as people would like to say that traditional reviews are becoming irrelevant, they are wrong. The people with the money, the publishers and so on, still care what traditional reviews scores are. I don't personally care about reviews. I think Metacritic's system is the worst offender and don't use it. But I do want this game to be successful there. Maybe it's the whole Kickstarter thing.
  13. No. You are wrong. While there is an ever so small percentage of sociopaths (people with no conscience) in the world, most of these are not problematic. The greatest "evils" in the world are either by circumstance, bad decisions, incompetence or a mistaken intent. You'll find no-one (save those very few sociopaths) who will murder 'just because'. Witch hunts were the result of religious zealotry and families settling old feuds. Evil for Evil its sake simply doesn't exist. There is ALWAYS an underlying cause. But for those absolutist pricks, who see the world in black and white (and whom I believe are part of the problem) and don't look further than the first convenient excuse (video games, porn, rap videos) to avoid finding out what truly motivated someone to their actions. It's just so much more convenient to say "must have been born wrong" or "evil" and be done with it. God forbid we'd actually have to think and maybe face uncomfortable truths, like that it is our own society which created these monsters. No, you are as wrong as wrong can be. To my mind ignorance is Evil, stupidity is Evil, but these can be prevented or solved. Apathy is the greatest evil, "Apathy is death". So to be dismissive and go "meh, some people are evil" grates on me to no end. Whatever Evils are done in this world, you can rest assured there is motive behind it. You may not agree with the motives, but these are what lead to bad action, not some inherent character flaw that is unmovable and unfixable. Recently a study has shown that psychological treatment of psychopathy helps. I can think of no stronger evidence that you are wrong. There has also been study that states otherwise. It's all research, studies and theories. i don't think there's scientific evidence proving either side wrong. Provide me with a source that proves that people can not be born with psychopathy (example of what i meant with being born "wrong"). Did i ever say it can not be treated? I never said it's not treatable that not even my point. My point is that man has the capacity for so called evil and some childhood trauma doesn't have to be the trigger for it. Do you think people like the "iceman" kill just because their father's abused them as kids. There are plenty of people with similar childhoods and still have a normal life afterwards. You seems to believe, I'm saying that there are plenty of these born murderers. No i'm saying that at least one in a billion is. More on the capacity for murder. Why do some good men turn bad in mob. Why did people enjoy watching and cheer at people getting murdered in a gladiator pit(This one especially). Why did people get a kick out of public executions. Are you really trying to say that we don't have any sort of feral violence in us? We have social norms and rules the we made to keep us in check. Our society created these "monsters", because we defined what a monster is. In the end there is no one reason, why someone becomes one way or the other. You can't blame the society for everything, You can't blame human nature for everything, You can't blame video games for every murder out there. It's a sum of multiple variables. To say, meh some people are just evil, is ridiculous. Yet to believe that everyone is born to this clean state and will do wrong only because of some outside influence that corrupts us is naïve.
  14. I like your post. Im thinking the same but i also think that "Doing wrong thing for wrong reasons" i also intresting BUT only if character has proper history that in some cases justifies him neing "Evil". For example you see you have character that in first look is one dimentional EVIL, he kills farmers, cows etc. But when you find something about his preius life you discover that he was witness of his daughter and wife being raped and killed by some bandids then when he tries to get some help from other people he is beaten and sold for slavery. After 10 years of killing people with his bare hand on arena he menage to escape and is make his revange on every human becouse he thinks that everybody is gulity. It all comes down to history and motivaton. If someone is acting like pure evil it somethimes is only and echo of his personal tragedy. In reality we have serial killers, in most cases their first become victim then this expierence twisted their minds. I don't believe that people can act purevil without some life truma. Someone can be selfish, someone can be cruel but i never met a person that i can call "Pure Evil" and i hope i never met someone like this. It's cute that people conjure up these scenarios that help them sleep at night. People just don't want to believe that there can be someone who does it just because. There always has to be some reason, right? The idea of someone just being evil "just because" is too scary to face. That's why you have to come up with some reasonable explanation. Well i hate to break it to you, but there isn't always some background or a story that explains the killers behavior. There are just people that are born "wrong". Do you think people enjoyed watching others get eviscerated in the gladiator pits just because everyone had some trauma. Why did(do even now) people love to see "bad" guys being hanged and witches burned. Yes sure some want to see "justice" done, but to get a kick out of it? There's an inherit "evil" violence in human nature that the modern society has made easy to repress.
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